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Self-help tour Guide: Must know the experience

2018-03-19 20:48:00

The most worthwhile place to play is not all of its beautiful scenery, as well as its cultural landscape, where there are many strange winds and customs that you have not thought about, and these customs are often the most reflected in their festivals, so in the preparation of travel plans to be fully prepared!


Take the bus that leaves overnight


If you are staying at your destination before taking the bus, it is best to take the bus that arrives overnight, which can save some time and money, but only if you have enough energy and physical strength. By car, you can go directly to the parking lot of the bus station at four or five o 'clock in the afternoon to find the car you want to go to (the windshield of the car generally has a sign), sometimes there are several, you can find the latest one, so it is safe and faster. After you find it, you can directly talk to the owner of a good price, generally cheaper than buying tickets at the station window 20-30 yuan (oh, of course, you have to go to see the price in advance), and be sure to set a good seat, take a good ticket. There are more long-distance stations, the price is similar, you can ask, someone will be happy to help you.


Do not buy tea at the travel agency shopping points


If you want to buy tea, it is best not to buy at the travel agency shopping outlet, find a trusted innkeeper to help or buy in a large supermarket or shopping mall, so that you may buy tea at the price of the shopping outlet, you can take four times the tea back.


Find your own car to the South Stone Forest


When I go to Shilin or Jiuxiang, it is best to find a car to go there, because I have also tried to travel with a day trip, the result is almost all the cars leave in the morning, after three shopping points, before arriving at the destination, after lunch, it is only two hours or so time to rush around, and after returning, I was forced to go to the hospital opened by Huang Chuangui, I did not expect that the hospital opened by the military now is so overhanded! The most unbearable thing is that after arriving at the scenic spot, because all the tourists with the group in the nearby city almost arrive at the same time (because they all eat there), the scenic spots in Stone forest and Jiuxiang are relatively concentrated, so there is a spectacular scene of adults looking at the head and children looking at the butt, poor even the stones do not see a few, where there is any fun.


Find a local inn


In, accommodation, you must find a small inn opened by local residents, live in their home (generally Siheyuan), so that you can really feel the leisurely life and pure mentality of the locals. After going out to play, you can also chat with the elderly and children of the people you live in, understand the local situation, you can also eat the food they make with them, to live in wine is a very primitive behavior oh, ha ha. Yes, you must live in the residential area of Dayan, I think you must live in the courtyard of the inn with a large yard and a very good sunshine, so as to really enjoy the feeling of basking in the sun, you must also live in the courtyard.


Can't miss the Naxi Festival


While playing, you must not miss the Naxi Ancient Music Festival held at 8pm at the Dayan Ancient Music Festival! And it has to be Dr. Shanker himself! Some people say that the bones are jade dragon snow Mountain, and the soul is the Naxi ancient music! General inn can provide less than the face price of 20 yuan booking services. The ancient music played here is as precious as unearthed cultural relics, and the band playing ancient music can be said to be the oldest and best ancient band in the world! They have been to more than 20 countries and regions to perform, and Chairman Zemin even praised them, and wrote an inscription for them. If possible, look for the first celebrity, is also a geek propaganda talk, you will get unprecedented feelings! His humor, his wisdom, his changes, his legend, all of his everything, you will learn a lot.


This article is based on experience