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2018-04-03 12:48:53

Lake is a particularly beautiful place, surrounded by the sea, beautiful scenery, is a land tourism resort, is located in western China, the roof of the world in the northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Is one of the important provinces on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China, referred to as Qing, the capital of. According to the second land survey bulletin, the province is about 1,200 kilometers long from east to west and 800 kilometers wide from north to south, with an area of 721,000 square kilometers


It is known as the "Roof of the world". It is the birthplace of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the River, known as the "three", "river head" and "China Water Tower". The province is located in the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and its topography is a plateau with alternating distribution of basins, mountains and valleys. It is part of the "roof of the world" Tibetan Plateau.


The mountains are very, very high. The mountains are towering, the topography of the sea borders with,,, and, and has jurisdiction over two prefecture-level cities and six ethnic autonomous prefectures, such as Tibetan autonomous Prefecture, prefecture, prefecture, prefecture, prefecture, and prefecture, with a total of 48 county-level administrative units. The province has Tibetan, Hui, Mongolian, Tu, Salar and other 43 ethnic minorities diverse, where the people are particularly enthusiastic!


There are many scenic spots and historic sites, and there is nothing to say about the natural scenery, especially the characteristics of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Han, Tibetan Hui, Mongolia, soil, Sala and other ethnic history is also very long, the tourist attractions are lake scenic spot, Tar Temple, provincial museum and Golmud Kunlun tourist area, Mutual aid Native Land Park, Xunhua Sala green home, gold and silver Beach, Tibetan Medicine and Culture Museum, Ma Bufang residence, Nian Baoyuze, Tongren Regong cultural city, scenic spot, Menyuan hundred li rape flower Sea, etc. Too much...


Then the circle to recommend you a few attractions recommended attractions: Hoh Xili Nature Reserve, Princess Temple, Jiegu Temple, Tangbo ancient Road, Gaer Temple attractions quick tour Recommended attractions: Longwu Temple, Wutun Temple, Wutun Temple, Guo Ma Ri Temple, He Ri Temple Tongren attractions quick tour hope to help you!

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