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Sandalwood Buddha beads bracelet production method share

2018-04-04 04:48:04

This time can be said to be my sixth time to do Buddhist beads bracelet, here to share with you some of their experience, but also hope to those who love Buddhist beads bracelet novice friends and DIY plot some friends have some inspiration. Can allow you to make your own sandalwood Buddha bead bracelet, or other materials of Buddha bead bracelet can minimize detours, do not waste materials! Raw materials: My material is a piece of new rosewood material, you can also use other materials, but remember to choose a relatively high density, because the density of the material is not good to make, the finished beads are also prone to problems, using that material to make beads is a waste of time. Tools/AIDS: 80.240.400.600.1000.1500... Abrasive cloth sandpaper; A flat file; An electric drill; One hole opener; A vise; A hacksaw; Steps: First, when cutting the material, the sandalwood should be cut into regular small squares with a hacksaw, because I make Buddhist beads bracelet not a few times, but also belongs to the novice type, so the current is not very regular. After the material, find it, draw the line on both sides. Second, punch the hole, do not open up easy to hit the hole. Third, chamfer, mainly to save effort when the car four, first use 80# sandpaper to grind to an approximate circle, and then use the hole cutter to polish into a round ball five, and then down to 240.400.600.1000.1500... Grind it slowly. As for the bead tower that holds the bead line, it is made with hacksaw blades and a carver. Seven, after polishing the beads with real leather, the sandalwood Buddha beads will shine. You can wax it if you want to brighten it up. However, it is generally not recommended to wax, because sandalwood will be very bright after a period of time to play. Precautions: The drill must pay attention to safety when drilling and rounding, because it is easy to splash debris when grinding materials and drilling holes, so if there are conditions, you can wear goggles, or wear glasses. To keep debris from splashing in your eyes. There is a flat file when polishing the beads must pay attention to the strength, do not file the hand oh.