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s4 play a wild scarecrow

2018-03-09 06:24:00

S4 play wild scarecrow is actually a good choice, with group combat ability and good gank ability (only when there is a big move), basically no consumption in playing wild, out of the installation to recommend a set of stir shit stick type s4 play wild scarecrow out of the installation.

s4 play a wild scarecrow

Go out outfit recommended is Dolan ring + blood bottle. Because the scarecrow play wild when Dolan go out is very good, relying on their own blood-sucking skills can ensure their basic no consumption. Yellow jewelry is recommended.


The first time home the first time home suggestion is to patch a Dolan ring, and then start to make 5-speed shoes. Although the 5-speed shoes are weakened, one is still good for playing wild scarecrows.


The first big piece the first big piece is recommended to be the core equipment of the scarecrow hourglass, it should be said that not which kind of out, the core of the scarecrow is the hourglass. There should be no controversy about him being the first big thing.


Medium pack 5 speed shoes + hourglass + ice stick. Stir the shit stick type out of the recommended ice rod, so that when the group battle, not E skills or big moves have a slowing effect.


5 speed or defense shoes + hourglass + ice stick + Langton + big mask + hat. Some time ago, meat was popular and wild straw, and after trying it, you can also recommend a Langton.