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S16 season Cheng bite gold out of the installation tutorial

2018-04-16 20:48:39

Cheng bite gold this hero survival ability is very strong, so mainly to sustained consumption type of play.


Mi 9, desktop computer


First we put out a resistance boot, increase toughness and movement speed, avoid being carried away by a set of controls and outputs.


This is followed by a fire armor, which increases the speed and sustained output of soldiers


Then a bird does not die, enhance the blood increase effect of the three skills, enhance the strength of life


Then an extremely cold storm, reducing Jin En CD, the overall strengthening of Cheng bite gold's life intensity and skill output


Another ice scar grip can better stick to the enemy hero, thus killing the enemy hero


Finally, we can produce a blood demon, when the enemy thinks that they can kill us, the blood demon can passively come out, and can try to ensure that we are safe from the battlefield

Matters needing attention

Cheng Bite Gold is a consumable hero, his passivity is the lower their own health, the higher the attack force, so we can control the health of 50 to 70 percent