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Roll 5 dice rules and calls

2018-03-02 20:48:00

The first contact with the shaker brag wine. Commonly known as "big blow". Evolved on the basis of the "small blow" in the front, increasing the interest and competition. The gameplay is basically the same as small blowing, except that up to 24 sixes can be called: when the number of calls is less than 6, a red dot is still treated as any other number; When the number of calls reaches seven or more, a red dot can be used as any four other numbers. Extended data: The gameplay technique is that when you have more red points or estimate that the other party has red points, you can directly shout 7 from 3 or 4, of course, you can also start Shouting 7 or more, causing misunderstanding to the other party and inducing the other party to shout upward. In fact, when drinking, in order to increase the interest, from "small blow" to "big blow", the amount of drinking can be agreed to increase a cup. Allow the "stubborn mouth" and the previous game is basically the same, but slightly changed before opening the card: when one party feels the other blowing the number is too large, not in front of the direct shout "open", but shout "you drink", the other party after careful consideration, feel that they must lose, directly admit defeat drinking; If the other side feels that it is possible to win, say "do not drink", then the two sides will open the card comparison, according to the previous rules, the loser drinks, but on the basis of the previous, add a glass of wine.