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Rock sugar valley tourism guide

2018-04-03 09:36:36

Rock sugar Valley one day tour


Rock sugar Valley is located in the district, the mountain traffic is not very convenient, more suitable for self-driving travel. There are many farmhouses on the road near Bingsugar Valley, if you arrive at noon, you can eat nearby, most of them are some home-cooked dishes. There are many picking gardens around Bingsugar Valley: red grapes, apples, peaches, etc., the price is also very close to the people, a few yuan a catty.


Tickets: Bingtangyu big tickets can be booked online in advance, about 60, after booking it takes half an hour to enter the scenic spot. Of course, you can also buy tickets on the spot, 80 yuan. There are haunted houses, mazes, etc., which need to be charged separately, but tourists can also buy joint tickets in advance, which will be more cost-effective than buying them alone. Tourists in Bingtong Valley scenic area are also halfway up the mountain, need to drive or take a battery car to be able to reach, walking to will be a little tired.


Enter the park: visitors out can see the rock sugar valley several characters, after entering the scenic area can choose to take the battery car or tour by themselves, the battery car is 10 yuan, after the transfer station, if you want to continue to visit the haunted house, etc., you can ride for free, but need to provide haunted house tickets when returning.


Play: The first thing you see is a spring, which should be cooler in summer. There are many water sports here, fishing, water roller ball, suspension bridge and so on.


In addition, on the higher part of the mountain there is a net red glass trestle, is one of its major features. The highest bridge in the distance is the glass trestle bridge, need to charge another 40 yuan, because it is too high, the author did not go, people who are afraid of heights in the following play water projects is still good.