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revit net height analysis

2018-04-12 22:24:51

Electromechanical bim little friends, do you fantasize that one day, the plug-in automatically helps you do the height analysis? Today is the day your dreams come true! Work hard to do line synthesis has been tired, but also spend a lot of effort to do net height analysis. Now, let the plugin do the work for you! The room clearance height function under the clearance height analysis can automatically read the most unfavorable bottom elevation of the electromechanical line in the room, and realize the automatic analysis of the room clearance height with the plug-in, reducing our workload.


revit molds


This information is taken from experience without authorization


We run the plug-in net height analysis and first set a "net height limit" for the room, that is, the standard for the room net height


Then click on "Analyze" and the plugin will automatically analyze the height of the room for us