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Red Beach accommodation guide

2018-04-02 01:36:58

Located in the Liaohe River Delta city, there is a famous national nature reserve - Red Beach. This 20-square-kilometer wetland reed patch on the coast of the Bohai Sea is home to 236 species of birds, including red-crowned cranes and black-billed gulls. It is located in Zhaohuan River Township 100 square kilometers of reed field wetland. It is supported by the world's best preserved and largest wetland, with the rare red beach and the world's largest reed marsh as the background, it is a pure green eco-tourism system with the perfect combination of natural environment and human landscape. Red Beach Scenic Area has invested more than 15 million yuan to complete the initial development project, including tourist reception and Red Beach pier. The hotel, restaurant, bath, conference room, multi-function hall, clean bar and other facilities for tourists are modern three-star standards. A unique ecological wood-like antique building, surrounded by an artificial lake with an area of 23,000 square meters, the lake island is dotted with 7 small villas, the interior decoration is four-star standard. People in the meantime, or boating in the blue waves, or fishing in the court pavilion, is a new feeling. Located at the entrance of the Liaohe River Delta, 18 km away from the tourist reception, Red Beach Pier is the only wooden structure, wooden pile foundation, antique buildings and pure wooden tourist attraction built on the mudflats in the world. The pier's 680-meter-long, nine-plank bridge, supported by 519 wooden piles, runs snaking from the shore into the sea. Wooden platform area of up to 2000 square meters, from 1998 wooden piles proudly pulled up on the beach, stretch lying on the waves, restaurants, verandas, clear bars, tea houses scattered among them, the tide ebb and flow, the impact of a rare sea scenery. A different kind of sea leisure, a different taste in my heart. There are 5 cruise boats and speedboats at the dock, carrying more than 100 passengers at a time. Sailing on the sea, you can not only watch countless seabirds shuttling through the clouds in the sky, but also enjoy the burning red beach. Red Beach is one of nature's wonders. The purging of the sea and the settling of the beach are the prerequisites for the existence of red beach. Alkali infiltration and salt infiltration are the conditions for red beach to be red like sunrise. The exact time when the Red Beach appeared is impossible to verify, some scholars say that when the Earth had the sea, there was already a red beach. When people rush about for food and clothing, they call her the Red Grass Beach; People call her the red carpet when they need her to rest. Whatever she was called, she was always burning, fire, red, the form and content of her life. Weaving red Beach is a delicate plant of alkaloid grass - that is, a kind of grass suitable for saline soil - and the only grass that can survive on saline soil. She rises from the ground in April every year, first bright red, gradually darker, from red to purple in October. She does not want people to sow, do not need people to work, clusters, shag, in salt and alkali brine, year after year, death, death. In the time flies, brew a piece of fiery red life Eze. In the 1960s, Red Beach also became a lifesaving beach. The women of the fisherfolk village near the beach used to gather the seeds, leaves and stems of the lameophylla, mix it with corn flour and steam it into red grass momos, saving almost an entire generation. Red Beach is alive, always chasing the trail of the waves. The beach extends inward at a speed of 50 meters per year, and the Red Beach steps on its footprints, step by step, towards the sea. If you follow Red Beach, you follow life and hope.