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2018-03-15 12:48:00

Has your friend started to film shortage again recently? It is not easy to find a good animation. Below, Xiaobian will recommend to you the animation you have seen and looked good. I hope you can find what you like from it


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Animation recommendation

April is Your Lie (April は Jun の Shush) is a manga by Japanese manga artist Naoji Shinkawa. He was awarded the Kodansha Manga Juvenile Division Award. The story is about a middle school boy (pianist) and a girl (violinist) who have rare talents and grow up together. At noitaminA's 10th Anniversary event "noitaminA Launch 2014 ~ 10th Anniversary" held on March 21, 2014, April Is Your Lie was announced for TV animation. The TV series will begin airing in October 2014. Arima's mother wanted to make him a world-renowned pianist, and Arima lived up to his mother's expectations by winning many grand prizes in piano competitions while still in primary school. In the autumn of 11 years old, Arima's mother passed away, and since then he could no longer hear the piano he played, he had to give up playing, but at the age of 14, through the introduction of his childhood friends, Arima met the violinist Kaoru Miyagen, and was attracted by Kaoru's free spirit, and did not expect Kaoru to invite the public to serve as her accompaniment during the competition.


The story follows Luffy, who wants to become One Piece King, who accidentally eats the rubber demon fruit collected by Shanks, the thief, and turns into a rubber man, the side effect of which makes him never swim. However, his ideal remains unchanged - to become One Piece King, and to find the legendary Gor D. Roger's secret treasure -One Piece, the adventure began.


In the near future, in order to treat the increasing number and more serious mental illnesses of modern humans, the Research Institute of Mental Medicine in Tokyo has developed a machine that can reflect other people's dreams. With the help of the miniature DC, dreams are displayed on the monitor, making it easier to find the crux of a person's anxiety. One day, the miniature DC was stolen, and the dream of the researchers related to it was invaded one after another, and then seriously injured. Beauty doctor Chiba Atsuko another identity is the dream detective "Red pepper", she can synchronize with patients to experience dreams. In order to prevent the thieves from using the miniature DC for further evil, she has to dive into the victim's dream to find the terrorists, and a fight full of fantasy and thrilling begins... The film won the Critics' Choice Award at the 2007 Portuguese Fantasy Film Festival and the Popular Choice Award at the 2006 Montreal Film Festival.


Hal's Moving Castle is based on the book Harwell the Wizard and the Fire Demon by British children's novelist Diana W. Jones. After 1990's Kiki's Delivery Service, Miyazaki Hayao has another work with strong original colors. The theatrical version is set on the eve of the war and depicts three sisters living in a small town. The eldest sister, Sophie, is an expert in hat making, but she is offended by the witch and turns from an 18-year-old beautiful girl into a 90-year-old woman. She escapes the house in terror, but enters a moving castle, where she plays a war song with the unable but magical Hal, and works with the rest of the castle to break the spell. The castle part of it has a special style of late 19th century iron workers.


The TV anime "Yuki Girl" is based on the original manga of the same name by Japanese manga artist JULIETTA Suzuki. On July 5, 2012, the animation decision was officially published, and on the same day, the "Flower and Dream" No. 15, 2012, not only announced the animation decision, but also announced the main character of the animation and the main production team. The heroine Taoyuan Nai Nai Sheng because of good gambling and debt of the father unknown whereabouts, was the debt collection people drove out of the home. In desperation, she helped a cowardly man who was being chased by a dog, and upon learning of her fate, the mysterious man said, "I will give you my home." Such strange words. Homeless Nai Nai Sheng although doubtful, but still went to the man said the residence... When I got there, I found it was an abandoned shrine. The cowardly man was the body of the runaway earth God. As the price for the transfer of the shrine, Nanayo began a new life as a land god.


This is Shinkai's fourth work after "Beyond the Clouds, the Agreed Place." Shinkai said that the work expresses a different style from the previous, without fantasy or science fiction elements, and tries to see the real world from a different point of view, describing Japan from the 1990s to the present, and specifically looking for a lot of real scenes as material.


It premiered at Shibuya Cinema Rise in the spring of 2007. Second speed 5 cm poster (6) Time is in Japan in the 1990s, Ono Taki and Shinohara Akiri were originally good friends of classmates, since the graduation of primary school, the two have not seen each other again. Two people separated by letters to keep in touch, until GUI tree knew that he was about to move to Kagoshima with his family, farther away from Mingli, so the two agreed to meet again. Planned trip, but encountered a snowstorm, the tram in the white snow, stop and start, the heart of your tree, also in the subtle changes...


"The Forest of Firefly" is a film released on September 17, 2011, directed by Takahiro Omori. This is a story that is destined to be full of sadness, half human, half demon and human love. On her way back to her grandfather's house in the countryside during the summer vacation, six-year-old girl Hoku Takekawa lost her way in the "Mountain God's Forest", which is full of mountain gods and monsters. At this time, a young man wearing a mask, Silver, allowed the firefly to take out of the forest. Silver is a half-human half-demon youth, if he touches the human will disappear, firefly can not touch silver. After that, in every summer, Firefly will return to the countryside, hoping to reunite with silver, year after year, between the firefly and silver also have a feeling of love, but they even touch each other can not do... In the end, Silver is about to disappear due to the encounter with humans, but Silver smiles and says to Hotaru, "Come on! Firefly! I can finally touch you!" The two embraced each other tightly, although it was only for a moment, but for them it was eternal. The silver finally melted into a great many blue lights and disappeared into the night sky...


Natsume Friend Account (Japanese: Natsume Friend Account) is a manga series by Yuki Midorikawa. Takeshi Natsume obtained the "friend book" made of the deed books from the relics of his grandmother Natsume Reiko, and he made an important decision: to return the names of the monsters Reiko had taken from him. Around such a summer destination, all kinds of monsters began to gather... Natsumi Takeshi, a teenager who can see monsters, and teacher Cat Mi, a monster who looks like Lucky Cat, tell a strange, sad, nostalgic and touching story for everyone. The work has been animated.

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