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Real Moments: How can ordinary backgrounds grow fast

2018-04-08 08:00:54

With this major as a starting point, it extends and develops in actual work, and grows rapidly with the help of enterprise platform and successful case accumulation. "Background" : Xiao M, graduated from the advertising design major of two universities, came to a medium-sized food processing enterprise to do graphic design, do endless trifles, no sense of accomplishment, dissatisfied with the current situation, confused about the future, so he turned to a career planning consultant; "Analysis and development" : 1) Graphic design in the entity, limited development in the professional field; 2) I have a strong learning ability, good at thinking, good at observing and capturing events, and have a strong ambition and personal development desire; 3) The copywriting and event planning is not performed by a special person (the department manager of Xiao M works for himself), and Xiao M actively applies for the post of copywriting and event planning concurrently; 4) Keep the complete case of the work, especially in the press release issued by various media (with small M as the correspondent's signature); 5) After more than two years, Xiao M has accumulated more than 10 complete event planning cases and nearly 100 signed press releases, which has gained popularity and influence in the industry circle; 6) With these hard qualifications and soft power, Little M recently successfully jumped to a larger market manager in the same industry, which has entered the final stage of IPO and is about to go public. I believe that Little M's future will be a piece of.