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Qingming three-day tour

2018-04-07 19:12:21

As one of the eight ancient capitals of China, there are many historic places of interest here, which contain a strong historical and cultural heritage. Come here, see those antique buildings, each scenic spot is full of heavy sense of history, very suitable for April and May to play here.


Id card, bank card


, wallet


Before departure, first of all, we must set the train ticket and the hotel to stay at night, especially like Qingming, May Day holiday, people to play here is countless, so we must be prepared in advance. Then determine the travel route of these days and make reasonable arrangements.


Scenic spot recommendation is a strong historical atmosphere of the city, here Qingming River Garden is a must to see, according to the northern Song Dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan's "Qingming River Map" rebuilt; Longting is the residence of ancient Kings, very grand, magnificent, Tianbo Yang Mansion is near Longting, is a loyal Yang family general's residence; There are Fu, Daxiangguo Temple, Bao Gong Temple, are often in the film and television drama.


The first day of the journey by train arrived at the train station at noon, after lunch, walked around, felt the local folk customs, and then took a bus to the Daxiangguo Temple. As soon as you enter the Daxiangguo Temple, it gives a very solemn and solemn feeling.


The next day's trip went directly to the dragon Court in the morning, just during the holidays, there are various garden activities and folk performances in the dragon Court, along the dragon Court to play directly after you can see Tianbo Yang House, but to collect a ticket again. In the afternoon, I immediately rushed to Qingming Shanghe Garden, the buildings inside are all antique, and the vendors are dressed in Song Dynasty clothing, which is a very large number of holiday people.


The third day of the trip the third day of the trip is relatively easy, went to the Bao Gong temple and house, personally feel that the scale of the house is more majestic, for the itinerary is more full of tourists, it is recommended that you can go directly to the house to play.


At the end of your three-day trip, go home and soak in a hot bath and massage your sore calves. Drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed at night to get a good night's sleep.

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