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Prevention of childhood obesity

2018-04-04 22:24:39

Now living conditions are better, not only adults are more obese, but children are also more and more. My child is not fat, let me share my experience with you.


Today's children eat snacks, but also especially love to eat fried food, such as, McDonald's 、、、、 and so on, these calories are particularly high, eat and do not love exercise, in addition to playing games, I do not know what to do.


He also likes to drink carbonated drinks such as cola, and even some children drink it as water.


Other than that, too little exercise. Nowadays, children do not have physical education class, pick up and drop off the school bus, and return home in addition to homework, is to watch TV and play games, how can they not be fat? I have three suggestions :1 limit fried food, 2 drink less carbonated drinks, 3 moderate exercise.


In particular, take children to travel on holidays, climb mountains to open up their horizons, so that children can both gain insight and lose weight.

Matters needing attention

Take it slowly and don't rush it.