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Pregnant mothers during pregnancy hoarding guide - economic practical article

2018-03-08 19:12:00

I am currently a full-time treasure mother, just gave birth to a baby, the baby is now 8 months, a female baby, looking back on their own pregnancy inventory guide is now out to share with you, in line with the principle of economic and practical, Xiaobian inventory is basically all online purchase, in addition to bottles and milk powder, now share with you my inventory oh,


A large object for the baby


Small objects for babies


First, the baby bed must be the first consideration of many treasure mothers of large items, the baby bed in the end is useful? My own feeling is that different people have different opinions, I do not think that the baby bed is chicken rib, nor do I think that the baby bed is essential, my own point of view is that when the child is small, it should sleep in a bed with the parents, my baby was 7 months ago and we slept in the big bed, of course, parents should be alert, the baby can not sleep in the middle of the parents, Because the carbon dioxide breathed by the parents is very dangerous for the baby, which is not conducive to the baby's breathing, and sleeping in the middle, the chance of being crushed by the parents is also very large, my baby I let her sleep against the wall, so that she will not fall on the ground, nor will she repeatedly absorb the parents' dirty air, so that the mother is also very convenient for breastfeeding, but now I will let the baby sleep in the crib, I think sleeping with parents for a long time is not conducive to exercising the independence of the baby, especially when the baby becomes more and more sensible, it will become attached to the parents! My family's crib is given by relatives, parents can buy one but be sure to buy early, so that you can go to the smell!


Two strollers or baby carriers I think strollers must not be less, especially I this lazy mother, when my baby is more and more heavy, I will feel the stroller is simply a child's artifact ah, ha ha, I personally feel the stroller is still light, I don't like too heavy, feel where is inconvenient, The stroller I bought is like this in the following picture, about 600 meters, it can be folded, so that it is convenient for the baby to go anywhere, I feel that it is not much use for me, feel that the baby is not easy to carry, feel that the baby is uncomfortable, adults also suffer, it is also very laborious, the baby carrier was bought only three times, it is too inconvenient!


Baby clothes, let's talk about small pieces, baby clothes, new baby clothes do not need to prepare too much, because I do not know how big the baby is, after birth, according to the specific situation of the baby, in the appropriate purchase, I prepared for my baby is two monk clothes, a ha clothes, a number of small vests, because my baby is born in winter, to protect the belly, Babies who are not yet a month old do not need to wear small pants, so they are all diapers bought later. My baby was born in winter, so we used diapers all winter long. At the beginning, I bought Pampers, but when I was in moon, I felt a little leaky, so I switched to Huggies. Better than silver, also than platinum affordable, personal opinion oh!! !


Baby items 1) baby wipes, which I think are essential, 2) baby cotton swabs, which can be used to clean Polly's nasal passages and small ears, 3) Baby nail clippers Baby butt cream 4) baby pot 5) Baby laundry detergent Baby soap 6) Baby hair clippers I think it is also necessary to buy one to cut baby hair at home above are commonly used in my family,


For the mother of the cow, the milk pump and milk storage bag is still a good choice, choose manual or electric this depends on the personal point of view, my home is electric, convenient is convenient, but every time you use to take out a lot of, it is very troublesome, this completely depends on self-choice. Have both advantages and disadvantages


The choice of baby bath tub Personal point of view, the bath tub or two can be prepared, the baby is not out of the full moon, brought to the hospital with a bath can be our ordinary garden basin, easy to carry, at home is the kind of long bath can be used two or three years old!

Matters needing attention

Baby's little things do not rush to buy the baby is born and then buy the same