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Precautions for the purchase of wooden doors to protect the rights and interests of buyers

2018-04-30 09:37:00

1. Find a stable business, if you go, you can't find anyone if there are any problems. Keep it in the right way. 2. Try to choose a better wooden door, the house is decorated well in the later period, and it is very troublesome to change the people who live there, damage the wall, and have to repair the wall. 3. Lock selection is also very important, the door is punched according to the most original lock, and if the lock fails later, it must be purchased according to the size of the original lock. It's hard to change from one tongue to two. 4. Sign an agreement: Write down what you can think of, not what you say. Video and audio recordings are also convenient. 5. Ask for help: If you are inexperienced in testing yourself, you can look for a carpenter's help and find someone who will say something. 1) Warranty: be sure to write clearly the warranty time, otherwise there is a problem, the business does not recognize, rights protection is also difficult, directly do not accept the case. Of course, the more details about the scope of the warranty, the better. 2) The physical object is consistent with the selected sample: the sample is backed up, there is no evidence of sample backup, we must write the details of the product clearly to prevent the merchant from shoddy. Wood doors have solid wood and wood chips pressed, according to the number of solid wood components divided into many grades. 3) Installation standards: the state has standard installation standards for wooden doors, it is best to compare and audit the door within 7 days of installation, and if there is a problem, the longer the more difficult it is to deal with. The distance between the door seam, the door seam up and down are stipulated, the door seam is large, the sound insulation is poor, and the heating is not warm (the air conditioning heating is dispersed fast); The left and right door gap is large, the lock tongue will not be stuck, the breeze blows, the door will also ring, and the lock does not have any protective effect. Installation is very important, and a series of doors that do not meet the standard installation will be a headache for later use. 4) Responsibility statement: to prevent merchants from shirking responsibility. In case of installation or product quality problems, the merchant is solely responsible. If a door or installation does not meet the standard, it must be replaced or refunded. Basically merchants are not willing to redo the refund. 5) On-site maintenance time: Some businesses may verbally promise to be responsible for maintenance, but for various reasons to evade or delay on-site maintenance. 6) Payment time: it can take a few days to pay, some problems are not found on the day of installation, if there is a problem in a short time, no payment is the best guarantee. Rights protection may be a long road, need time and energy, everything is sufficient, may also be up to some businesses to play rogue, no bottom line. Doors are not everyday consumables. They may last a lifetime. Be careful. These are my blood and tears lessons, I hope to some people can have a bit of help. We look forward to your additional suggestions.