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Precautions for plastic bonding

2018-05-12 01:36:50

The bonding of plastics includes the bonding between plastics and the bonding between plastics and metals or non-metals. The primary problem of plastic bonding is to find out the specific variety of plastic to be bonded, and then choose the right adhesive and the bonding process that can be reasonably implemented. Precautions for plastic bonding are:


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The surface energy of some bonded plastics is low, belonging to a class of difficult to stick plastics, such as polytetrafluoroethylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc., must be treated separately according to the situation. Some adhesive plastics are easy to bond, can be directly bonded with solvent, bonding effect is good, such as plexiglass with chloroform bonding; Eyeglass frame (acetate fiber) with acetone bonding, etc., can get a good bonding effect.


(3), the use of a reasonable bonding process: this issue is very important, because some plastic surface treatment can be degreased with solvent, while some plastic surface treatment must be coarsened, and some plastic surface treatment must be chemically treated. Plastic bonding, generally room temperature curing, but plastic and metal bonding, some must be heated curing, then you need to pay attention to the technical requirements of heating curing, but also pay attention to the adhesive plastic can withstand the heating temperature. Of course, the cooling after heating curing must also pay attention to its technical requirements.