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Powerful hardware, NVIDIA Shield portable game console demo

2018-03-06 03:12:00

Famous display chip manufacturer Nvidia earlier released the "Nvidia Shield" portable game console at the CES exhibition, the price of $299 (about 1832 yuan). It has the most powerful hardware in the history of a portable console, runs Android, has a 5-inch screen and looks like an Xbox 360 controller.


  NVIDIA Shield portable game console

NVIDIA Shield overview and appearance

Of course, some of the most interesting is that Nvidia Shield can also run PC games through "streaming" skills, which all sound so hard to imagine. Finally, after a few delays, Nvidia Shield has come to us to feel the most powerful handheld game console in history.


Perhaps only real gamers will love the Nvidia Shield's form factor. It uses a clamshell plan, the top of the silver lid and the bottom of the green "lips" and other elements look very avant-garde, the whole is typical of the broad American personality plan. When you flip the screen over, you see a cross between an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo DS console, with bezels that are infinitely smaller than the narrow-bezel intelligence that prevails today. There are ugly seams in the plastic shell, and the overall workmanship is not particularly elaborate. The Nvidia Shield measures about 152 x 127 x 50.8 mm, which is basically hard to fit in your pocket. If you want to take a digital product compared to the picture, basically and digital SLR camera body appropriate.


Although the Nvidia Shield doesn't look very pretty, it actually has a good feel, which can be said to be a device for the palm of the hand. Close your eyes and start to touch the Nvidia Shield, and the work starts to get fun, and the handle shape makes the Nvidia Shield have two handles, and the exterior is covered with soft rubber, so that you can get a reliable feel, and you can easily hold the 544 grams of the body over your head, lying in bed and playing. The plastic body structure doesn't feel cheap, but occasionally creaks when you push, and the dual joystick is as comfortable and accurate as the Xbox 360 controller, but Nvidia uses a symmetrical plan similar to the SONY PlayStation controller.


The Nvidia Shield's buttons feel good, allowing you to play for hours without getting tired, and the D-Pad's D-PAD is similar to the layout of an Xbox controller, and significantly more comfortable than the separate cross D-pad. In addition to the buttons specifically set up for gaming, the Nvidia Shield also has the usual buttons for Android devices, planned in the middle of the body, including the home screen, back, volume, and Nvidia buttons. In addition, you can use the left and right joystick as a virtual mouse in the Android system. If you've ever tried typing on an Xbox controller before, the Nvidia Shield works similarly, with the Y key space and the left stick in uppercase letters, not the best way to type, but at least it works.


On the opposite side of the body, you can also see the common rear button and trigger button layout, so the game operation is very similar to the mainstream console. In addition, the output ports of Nvidia Shield are also integrated here, including micro-HDMI, micro-USB, micro-SD memory card slots and 3.5mm headphone ports.

NVIDIA Shield screen and speakers

Nvidia Shield uses a 5-inch 720P resolution screen, not the cutting-edge level of 1080P, but considering the price is also affordable. The screen works well in practice, with pure bright white and gorgeous color display, and the clarity is significantly higher than other consoles (294ppi), but the black performance is not as good as the SONY PS Vita with an OLED panel. The screen has a maximum Angle of view of 180 degrees, and in the test, the screen axis of one of the two Nvidia Shields creaked and felt less firm, and the other did not question it, expecting this to be an individual difference rather than a general phenomenon.


Surprisingly, the Nvidia Shield's speakers also work well, and Nvidia says that the two silver speakers have high acoustic fidelity and low reflection, which is true in practice. In fact, the Nvidia Shield's speakers work better than most board computers and even some laptop speakers, and you can think of it as a slim but top-quality Jambox speaker: not only does it have enough volume, but it also does the necessary whispering to achieve a great sense of presence during gaming. However, it is suitable for broadcasting movies and games, but it does not mean that they are suitable for music broadcasting, the treble will be a little too sharp, the sound field is not vast, and music lovers can not be satisfied.

NVIDIA Shield 3-in-1 concept

Nvidia Shield runs Android 4.2.1, is compatible with virtually any application, and has outstanding scalability. In terms of hardware, the deployment of Tegra 4 processor and 2GB RAM can achieve circulating system running speed. Of course, Nvidia Shield still has certain limitations compared to traditional smart devices, such as it does not have a built-in front-facing camera, so it is not possible to use video chat software. However, the body has a microphone, so using Skype voice talk is completely no problem, you can also use google's voice recognition software, other built-in GPS chips can also be located, but because there is no support for cellular data, so you can set Android to mobile hot. For Nvidia Shield. It is worth mentioning that Nvidia Shield also supports multi-account login, so family members can set up a own account to use Nvidia Shield, which is very convenient.


While Nvidia Shield is compatible with most Android applications, actual use is a different story, and basically the device is an "ergonomic nightmare." As much as you can throw away the buttons and use the touch screen to operate the system, but obviously the clamshell plan is not suitable for tablet-like operation, and you need to open a paperback book to manipulate the body in portrait operation, and the comparison is laborious; In the form of horizontal display, the operation is not so simple, you often need to raise the right hand to touch the operation. In addition, the 16:9 screen is good for movies and games, but it is not good for vertical page reading and checking email, and it is awkward to use the on-screen virtual keyboard. Overall, the Nvidia Shield's smart architecture gives it more functionality and Internet capabilities than traditional consoles like the PS Vita, but because of the body design, it's not the best tablet replacement.

NVIDIA Shield Android game effects

Android support means you can run almost any compatible game, Angry Birds, on Nvidia Shield. However, as mentioned earlier, if you use a touch screen to play, in fact, Nvidia Shield's operating sense is not as good as smart or tablet computers, so Nvidia has built a dedicated "Shield Games" gaming platform in the system, optimized for button operation, to get a better game experience. In addition, more compatible games can be purchased and downloaded through the built-in software vendor.


It can be seen that the content of Android games on dedicated gaming platforms is not particularly rich, and there are about 100 games currently. Some of the embodiment of the main stream of Gawen is still satisfactory, such as "Dead trigger", this FPS shooting game is undoubtedly very suitable for the use of controller operation, together with the game screen is very excellent. Other "Grand Theft Auto 3" and "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" are much better than the previous PS2 versions.


In general, you will find that some classic PS, Super Nintendo, Sega and PC classic copies of the Nvidia Shield will have very good operation, because they are planned for the controller operation, but some of the Android channel dedicated games are not so good operation experience. Although there are many Android games to choose from, Nvidia Shield currently does not install games to SD cards, which is a bit of an annoyance, but Nvidia promises to fix this Bug as soon as possible. In addition, some large Android game files are more than 12GB, so if you buy a 32GB SD card, you must first configure it on the Windows PC NTFS format to work properly. In addition to the built-in software store, you can also get more game content through the Android channel of various console emulators, Nvidia Shield hardware is enough to run PS and N64 emulators, but there will be some key mapping problems, the practice of the game is not perfect.

NVIDIA Shield PC game effects

If you're just using Nvidia Shield as a generic Android device, you're obviously not exploiting its greatest value, and its strength is still PC streaming games. With Nvidia Shield streaming, you can now play wireless PC games in any room. Of course, to complete PC streaming games, you need a PC with a new Nvidia GeForce graphics card.


As for practical use, thanks to Nvidia's proprietary low latency long distance display skills, Nvidia Shield is the most fluid streaming game device we've seen so far, of course there is bound to be a little lag, especially for audio, but it is better than streaming game services such as OnLive and Gaikai. In addition, the power consumption of streaming games is not large, I played Tomb Raider for 9 hours and 30 minutes before Nvidia GeForce announced a low battery warning. However, the practice process of the entire PC streaming game still needs to be optimized, for example, you can not run the game on the computer and then project to the Nvidia Shield, it is necessary to use the Nvidia Shield to enter the game, the operation of some games is not too ambitious, such as Crisland 3, you will miss the keyboard and mouse.


To be sure, if you want to complete the most circulating streaming game role, you need to be well equipped with a PC and network environment, at least an Nvidia GeForce GTX 600 series graphics card and a high-speed dual-band wireless router. In addition, AMD graphics cards are unable to complete the streaming game function. All in all, there are some lack of experience, but the role of PC streaming games is still satisfactory, enough to convince players to buy Nvidia Shield. The ability to not bother anyone and not have to grab a TV with your family is the biggest attraction of Nvidia Shield.

Matters needing attention

Although the Nvidia Shield's smart architecture gives it more functionality and Internet capabilities than traditional consoles like the PS Vita, it's not the best tablet replacement because of the design of the body.