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2018-03-20 11:12:00

Disneyland has seven theme areas: Mickey Avenue, Garden of Whimsy, Adventure Island, Treasure Cove, Tomorrowland, Dreamland, and Toy Story.


On the first day, head to Mickey Street, a neighborhood filled with a variety of businesses and restaurants. From here you will feel the cheerful atmosphere of Disneyland, away from the hustle and bustle into the theme parks full of adventure, fantasy and a sense of the future. Mickey's Best Buddies Delicious Bazaar is a counter order restaurant. While enjoying Chinese and Western cuisine, visitors can also enjoy the adjacent gardens.


Then go to the Whimsical Garden, "Whimsical Garden" has a charming scenery of small Bridges and walks, interwoven through various theme parks, is an ideal place for family and friends to gather. Walking through the grounds, visitors will meet Mickey and his companions, and can also head to the viewing steps to enjoy the castle stage show and the glow-in-the-dark Phantom Show. The Twelve Friends Park is a world first for Disneyland. In this magical garden, there are 12 large Mosaic murals that vividly depict Disney and Disney Pixar characters embossed in the Chinese zodiac.


Finally, at Dreamworld, inside the Hundred Acre Wood, the Spinning Crazy Honey Pot is a family-friendly attraction where visitors will sit inside the Spinning Crazy Honey Pot to experience the ride named after Winnie the Pooh's favorite food. Pooh likes to label his honey-filled POTS "Crazy honey" in his own way. Aboard the "fly" boat "Peter Pan Sky Adventure", visitors will soar over London, heading for Neverland. Under the guidance of Peter Pan, visitors will experience a series of exciting adventures.


The second day, first go to Adventure Island, Disneyland is the world's first Disneyland with a "heritage discovery camp". Explorers of all ages and skills can set out together to search the island's waterfalls, ruins, and archaeological sites for traces of ancient tribes, as well as explore natural landscapes and ancient legends, trekking through waterfalls and along the island's specially designed climbing ropeways to find tribal sites.


Then go to Treasure Cove, the first pirate-themed park at Disney worldwide. Treasure Cove, created especially for Disneyland, is home to a diverse and playful group of pirates looking for fun and exciting adventures. Here, the intense collision of color, vision and music integrates the fickle and displaced personalities of pirates into various exotic cultures, presenting details and storytelling.


Finally, go to Tomorrowland, where visitors transform into space pilots and take off aboard future vehicles in a "jetpack". The pilot will be attached to a separate jetpack, legs hanging down, to enjoy the thrill and wonder of flying. As each jetpack accelerates, its arm rods rise into the air. Visitors can control the height of the jetpack, and the higher they go, the more forward they lean.

Matters needing attention

Disney Park is located in the north subtropical south edge of the East Asian monsoon prevailing terrain, a maritime climate, four distinct seasons, abundant precipitation, adequate light, moderate temperature.