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Play must go to a few places?

2018-03-09 08:00:00

What places are worth going to? Follow me and have a look.


Mingshi Garden. Mingshi idyllic water show, the mountains around the water, known as a small. Here green bamboo around the bank, farmhouse dotted, wooden bridge cross, rice swaying, farmers hoe, shepherd boy playing in the water, the scenery is handsome and clear, rich southern pastoral atmosphere. Beautiful mountain peaks, mirror-like rivers, boats in the sky, bamboo sprinkled with green rice fields, water carts, canals and single-log Bridges full of local flavor, let you sail on the river, feel the reflection of the bamboo peaks in the blue sky like a mirror, and then set against the bridge water, hundreds of birds, and chickens and dogs barking in the cottage, is a difficult to find enchanting pastoral scenery.


Guan scenic area. The Guan scenic area consists of Guan Guan Tower, Zuo Bi Mountain ancient fort, right Fu Mountain ancient fort group, left and right Fu gable and ancient mountaineering road, the Great Qing Tombs, the whole side of the communication Department (French floor) and other major scenic spots. Guan Guan Tower is the core scenic spot of the scenic spot, which was located in the Han Dynasty and has a history of more than 2,000 years. It is the border pass among the nine passes in China and is known as the "Southern Gate of China". The name "Pass" is written by Marshal Chen Yi himself. The whole pass is magnificent and is a great tourist attraction.


River. The river is located in the city and can be seen on the way from the Tongling Grand Canyon to the Detian Falls. The water of the river is not black, but the two sides of the green peaks, ancient towering trees, the green river and the reflection of the mountains on both sides of the "Dai" color, so the name "river". Boat tour is the way most tourists will choose to play, the boat journey of about an hour, along the way you can see the jagged rocks, overlapping mountains, dense vegetation, they reflected in the green river, showing the original beauty of nature, giving people a sense of comfort.


A mural. If you want to visit the true appearance of this ancient frescoes, generally choose to take a boat tour in the frescoes scenic area, along the way can also enjoy the beautiful landscape, about 1.5 hours can come to the cliff, more than 40 meters high on the cliff is painted with earth red portraits and objects like, the character shape rough, vivid, although after years of wind and rain attack, still beautiful color. There are more than 1,800 images in total, which are believed to have been drawn in the Eastern Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago. The difficult conditions of its painting, the grandeur of the picture, the steepness of the cliff, are amazing. Today, rock paintings have been listed as World cultural Heritage and enjoy a high status in the world. As the largest unit area of similar rock paintings in the world, the most concentrated picture, the most rich content, and the best preserved rock paintings, it is a general existence like a treasure, and it is worth seeing.


Summary: pick it up and start your journey!