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Play mahjong must win skills

2018-04-02 00:00:15

To win mahjong, luck and skill are equal. Although there is no correct way to play mahjong, we must look at the development of the game at that time, but there are some principles and concepts should be established first.






Patience is not only a state of mind, but also a skill and wisdom.


Playing cards in the temper of the back suffered hardships, when the card Wang wild goose pull up exercise. It is: "Talk on paper, eventually feel shallow, never know this matter to practice."


Big don't always do Wang Guowei there are two lines of poetry is the best note: "The most is the world can not stay, Zhu Yan quit the mirror flower quit tree."


Listen to the card shot (that is, under the call point gun) love card mentality can not want, fluke psychology can not have. As the old saying goes: What does not exist, what does not exist? Do not want beauty, the river is gone, beauty is gone.


The successful way of card war: the whole situation is in the chest, and the power is changeable.


Sui thinking, habitual thinking: experience is important, but do not ignore the negative impact of the experience for a long time, that is.


Mahjong race technology foundation: technology only in a stable state of mind, correct state of mind in the case, in order to get normal play.


Everyone is a physical, ideological, emotional performance, in most cases, is often the person's state of mind determines the final result.


Playing mahjong, is to find contradictions, to solve contradictions to learn to skillfully solve the contradictions between the players, the contradictions between card posture and card potential, in the process of encountering contradictions, resolving contradictions to find ways to promote and card.


Playing cards can not only rely on luck luck is a probability event, is the embodiment of consciousness formed in the human brain after the incident; Luck is a mental product after the event, there is absolutely no such thing as luck. It is foolish and unwise to try to predict luck and wait until it comes to the table.


Once you have formed a habit of playing cards and gestures, it is easy for your opponent to guess your attitude and card potential.


Playing mahjong, but also pay attention to the family for everyone, should be based on their own conditions, such as social status, technical level, economic ability and other conditions, to position themselves, only in the suitable place for their own mahjong, will be stable, emotional relaxation, in order to play the normal level.


The back of the card should not be hard, the back of the card can not be hard top the more the back of the card the more buttocks sink, a long time, make the heart tired and body tired, not worth the loss; The more card back, the more stubborn temper, cooked Zhang can not release Zhang; In this way, the back is inevitable. We should learn the truth that "a poor man does not do, a tired horse does not eat". Understand that there is a time for fishing and a time for drying nets.


Playing cards should be stable can not be inserted on the telephone pole chicken feathers, courage too eight help song big! We can't do somersaults on the tip of a knife.


The three cards have the order of the cards, can not wear shoes and pants first, messed up; The card is reasonable, can not have a jujube no jujube play a bar, try; Give up the card is advantageous, can not lose the cattle and rabbit, I do not know which big which small.


Playing cards to pay attention to character and card wind consciously change bad habits, their shoes, they know which tight; The widow is pregnant, she knows where the root is; Bad habits are a nuisance and will not be popular in the long run.


Touch card three bogey blind catch thief, touch who is who. A bogey sole on the palm, hard pasted. Two do not throw watermelon through the wall, to help others quench their thirst. Three avoid holding cucumber as a stick, the more play shorter.


Playing cards should be dedicated to one incense can not respect two gods, left is not, right is not.


The information illegally crawled from experience


The cards should pay attention to be diligent and smooth to avoid becoming a lazy woman's sewing basket, messy.


Make a big crime in front of the bed dream, dying also greedy flower, love card do big kill people.


The idea of playing cards must be normal to see problems: make big and small, give up the card, the big card is not seen, the small card is not and. The result is often: monk did not become, wife did not marry, delay at both ends.

Matters needing attention

Heart to play good cards, cards naturally come!