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Phuket Bangkok Pattaya 8 days

2018-04-05 20:48:29

★ A tour of Thailand's famous tourist attractions: Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya; ★ Pattaya gift 900 yuan per person self-pay package (gift items: Princess, SPA essential oil massage, 56 floor sightseeing tower, Art City) ★ Phuket section to ensure health at 1,000 yuan/person, in addition, no self-pay! ★ Bangkok 2 nights local five-star or equivalent; Pattaya 2 nights Local five-star or equivalent; Phuket 2 nights Local 4 stars or equivalent.








Take off from Pudong Airport, take an international flight to the City of Angels - Bangkok, the capital of the Thai kingdom, and arrive at Bangkok airport after a long flight. After the tour guide picks up the group, before leaving the airport to accept Thailand [girl flowers] and go to the designated wine. The first day you arrive in Thailand, you can feel the colorful South Ocean style of Thailand.


After breakfast, go to Thailand's magnificent [Grand Palace] and [Jade Buddha Temple] "about 90 minutes", which is a must-visit place for tourists from all over the world, equivalent to China's Forbidden City. Group members should pay attention to the etiquette of the Buddhist country when visiting, and should not be rude and dressed casually. Go to the teak Palace of the Fifth Emperor "about 30 minutes", the palace is built without nails, exhibits such as ivory, silver, crystal, etc., let visitors understand the life of the Thai royal family, everyone is familiar with the story of "Anna and the King" happened here. Take a long tail boat tour of Venice Chao Phraya River water home. After lunch, go to the famous Hawaiian beach resort of Pattaya, midway to the [Is the Dragon and Tiger Park], watch the exciting human-alligator war and the strange warm family - tiger and pig together, and the unprecedented scene of the tiger feeding the baby pig, and the happy pig race "about 90 minutes"; For dinner, enjoy the famous jade Suckling pig Thai style meal in Pattaya, and after dinner, go to feel the lively atmosphere of the Carnival style Walking Street, so that you can appreciate the origin of the reputation of "heaven on earth". "About 60 minutes" Here is the place where foreign tourists must go, the famous is not the night scene of the Gulf of Siam, but the beauty of the princesses. The Thai ladyboys' superb song and dance performance makes many people confused about the beauties on stage, and we will get close to them on board. Serve you wine, dance with you are dressed in beautiful ladyboy princess, here to remind everyone, if the ladyboy "harassment", it is best to calm down, calm oh!


After breakfast, go to visit the "three wonders" : as if a mountain is split halfway, inlaid with gold powder and gold foil, the big wall Buddha [seven treasures] to the mountain as the Buddha is spectacular; [The Ninth Emperor Temple] is the king's favorite temple today, the temple enshrines the Buddhist temple; [Wax Museum] Wax figures are carefully carved by Thailand's famous master, making you feel like a real person, lifelike, reflecting the ancient and modern world of Thailand, and have high visiting value "about 60 minutes". After visiting the "Dongba Paradise", the "folk performance" lets you enjoy the Thai local customs dance, Muay Thai, wedding ceremony, etc., the "elephant performance" can make you laugh and find teeth all over the ground, really want to adopt a lovely elephant home. In addition, you can also see the industrious little monkeys, tirelessly help the owner on the tree [coconut] "about 90 minutes." Return to Pattaya city in the afternoon, complimentary to participate in Thailand's famous "SPA essential oil massage" "essential oil about 60 minutes" health tea, so that you completely restore the tired body, physical and mental relaxation, for your sunburned skin to do a beautiful maintenance! Then it will be presented to the [56-story Sightseeing Tower] (afternoon tea) High-altitude slide (about 60 minutes), the commanding height on the Gulf of Siam, the 360-degree panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass window, so that you are completely conquered by the invincible seascape, a cup of afternoon tea, a distant view, a pleasant life! Daredevil, you can also choose to descend the 56 floors with a thrilling slide to the bottom. After dinner, back to the wine rest, you can also experience the colorful night life of Pattaya and so you go to explore, long sleeves when dancing, red wine, or walking tropical beach style, can be a good choice. Then it will be presented to the most spectacular and luxurious international variety resort - [Art City], which costs tens of millions and can accommodate 2,000 tourists, to watch the grand fireworks show, taste the food from all over the world, and enjoy a large magic dream song and dance show "about 90 minutes".


After breakfast, drive to [Temple] to ask Buddha's blessing, and pray for yourself and your family and friends for "about 30 minutes". Then on the way to Bangkok, stop at the [local produce market] for "about 20 minutes". After entering Bangkok, go to [Royal Gem Garden] with exquisite workmanship, excellent quality and Thailand verification "about 120 minutes" and then go to [Leather exhibition hall] with Thai characteristics of elephant skin, pearl fish skin and crocodile skin processing "about 90 minutes" to visit and buy. After lunch, watch the empty hand snake catching performance "about 90 minutes", but the magic is the Thai snake medicine, which has been renowned at home and abroad for many years and has significant effect. Then go to Asia's largest duty-free shopping mall [Jingbaihua duty-free Shopping] free to buy "about 120 minutes". In the evening, watch the world-renowned "Shemale Dance Theater performance" for about 90 minutes. Thai ladyboys in history is specially trained for singing and dancing, because ladyboys born with a strong desire to perform, so far ladyboys singing and dancing has reached the peak, male and female hard to distinguish, wonderful performances ensure that you will never forget. After the performance, you can also enjoy the ladyboys up close, compare with them in the end is I beautiful or you beautiful, take pictures can not forget!


After breakfast, take Thai Airways flight to the beautiful and famous Thailand's largest island [Phuket], and then take Thailand's unique long tail boat to the "small" called "Phang Nga Bay", which is filled with many large and small islands, rocks and scenery, called "wonders of the world", known for its natural wonders. Thousands of cruise ships shuttle through the strange shape of the island forest, witness the 【 small 】 jagged landscape, screen island cliff smooth as a mirror, the heroic attitude of iron nails Island independent. The lunch arrangement is transferred to the people on the water to enjoy [Muslim Village seafood meal] and then arrange the exciting [rafting trip] "about 60 minutes". Visit the classic movie Cut Throat Island, led by a professional boatman in a group of two, rowing a unique "rubber canoe" to explore the mystery of the Andaman Sea, leading you to visit the beautiful and brilliant diamond cave, ice cream shaped stalactite cave... Etc., around you like nine bends and eighteen turns in order to visit, so that you are as if you are in a Yaochi fairyland, its landscape can not help but be amazing the magic of the creator. Head to [Fruit Street] in the evening to taste the famous Thai fruits. "About 30 minutes" and then go to the wine break.


After breakfast, take the sea ship to the beautiful [PP Island] "about 120 minutes", along the way you can enjoy the refreshing tropical sea view, the seagulls chasing with the boat, the bird's nest of the island swiftlet shuttle... You can also take a one-day tour of island projects such as Small PP Island at your own expense (please refer to the attachment for the official price at your own expense), and then you can freely stroll around the island as you like, feeling the leisurely atmosphere there without pressure... "About 150 minutes"; Lunch at Dapp Island, return to Phuket Island in the afternoon, and then go to Thailand's most famous specialty "bird's nest" processing base [bird's nest] "about 60 minutes" to learn about the picking and processing process of bird's nest.


After breakfast, we go to Thailand's rich red and sapphire processing plant, which has the world's most recognized jewelry exhibition [Treasure Court] "about 90 minutes". The social hall in the court provides all kinds of free juice, beer and coffee for you to drink at any time. After going to [latex] and other local products to buy their own gifts of two suitable specialties "about 60 minutes." In the afternoon, go to Phuket's famous "Fairy Peninsula", it is said that there were high people in this spell, so that people who set foot on Phuket Island will always be obsessed with this place; You can make a vow in front of the "Four Faces of God" there, and then go to Phuket Thai Nam Cultural Village for dinner. Then take a flight to Bangkok International Airport.


Back, end the fun! Home sweet home!

Matters needing attention

1. Thai local tip reference: luggage tip - THB20(THB) per room, room tip - THB20(THB) per room, SPA massage tip - THB50 ~ 100(THB) per person, elephant riding tip - THB20(THB) per head, rubber boat - THB50(THB) 2 per person. In Southeast Asia tipping is a form of expression, please use paper money; Because the locals think the coins are for beggars. Southeast Asia has a strong tipping culture; Please follow the customs, experience the local sightseeing customs, so that you have one to one with each other; Good performance. 3. This is a group packing trip; Non-participants will be deemed to have given up and no refund will be given. Children will not be refunded any ticket difference or other fees. For the sake of bone development, children under the age of 18 are not allowed to have Thai massage and SPA, whether they occupy the bed or not, nor are they allowed to ask for transfer or refund. 4. Shopping station: Jewelry, leather, snake research, bird's nest, latex. 5. Stay true to the original itinerary as far as possible. In case of special circumstances, the sightseeing spots will be changed before and after. In case of seasonal changes or meal changes, we reserve the right to change the itinerary and meal contents. (For example, the royal palace or palace related to the Thai royal family may not be able to enter due to the short notice of the royal ceremony, please understand! (The itinerary will be arranged instead). 6.If the elderly over 70 years old need to join the group, please be accompanied by family members under 60 years old! Children must sign a family consent form before departure.