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Outdoor activities small experience introduction

2018-03-05 14:24:00

Now more and more people like to participate in outdoor activities, there are many places to pay attention to outdoor activities, Xiaobian many times to participate in outdoor activities, the following to share with you the small experience of outdoor activities.


1, the use of towels. It's the most common cotton towel, the thick one. Put it on your back to soak up sweat before a hard workout and take it out immediately after. You'll feel comfortable and your underwear will dry much faster. With the effect of sweat underwear is better, bring a few more, you can change several times.


2, chemical fiber underwear. Have seen someone wearing ordinary thermal underwear climbing, horror! Special sweat underwear is best, if not for the time being, then do not wear cotton goods, to the stall or supermarket to find the kind of chemical fiber (generally acrylic) underwear, although can not catch up with sweat underwear, but much stronger than cotton underwear!


3. Say no to jeans. In fact, there is no need to say more, but there are many novices wearing jeans to play outdoors, probably some people's concept is still that jeans wear strong. In fact, cotton products are not strong nor wear-resistant, and the physical properties are not suitable for outdoor sports. Once it's raining, wading, or sweating profuse, you know the downside of jeans. Hurry to take it off, it is afraid to wear a pair of more than 20 dollars of chemical fiber pants are stronger than it.


4, the choice of shoe size. Almost all teaching materials say that the size of hiking shoes should be 1 to 1.5, my experience is not so, my experience of wearing shoes has always been the more through the loose, the new shoes tight old shoes loose, the morning tight at night loose, the longer the traveling time the more loose. Therefore, I think that buying shoes must not buy big, too big shoes are uncomfortable and easy to blister, fit the foot is the best, of course, the title is wearing thick socks to try shoes.


5, the choice of hardshell jacket. As long as the quality is no problem, the structure of the storm jacket is strictly waterproof, but it has a life-door cuff, I have seen the storm jacket, the cuff and sleeve are not pressed glue. If the rain lasts for a long time, there must be water seepage. Archaeopteryx this place is well designed, but it is too expensive to buy, so I have not found a good solution to this problem for the time being, but the forearm is not sweating much, and a plastic bag is used to deal with it.


6. Creme candies and chocolates. These two things are used to temporarily supplement physical fitness has an obvious effect, once on the way because of excessive consumption, lack of supplies feel insufficient physical strength, eat a few pieces, after ten minutes to have an effect, of course, do not feel insufficient physical strength can also eat.