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Only eating vitamins for the elderly is not enough, the malnourished elderly should eat a healthy diet

2018-04-10 08:00:33

Mother is now old, need to take a lot of drugs for a long time to maintain the normal operation of the body, and now the teeth fall out, resulting in a lot of food can not eat, see the mother wasting away, really good love! Later, I took my mother to check, and now she is malnourished. The specific solution steps are as follows.


Old Man

First, vegetables and fruits can not be less

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Second, appropriate protein supplement

In the process of human aging, the body's various functions will gradually decline, and the synthesis of protein in the body will become slow, so it is necessary to supplement protein for the elderly. However, considering that elderly friends have weak digestive ability, too much protein intake will burden their digestive organs. Can be simple and easy to operate recipes to achieve protein supplement, the following is to share with you two simple. 1. Tofu and Kelp soup Relatively speaking, tofu and kelp soup is a kind of food that is both digestible and nutritious, and it is relatively convenient to make. ① First cut the tofu, chop the kelp, ② hot oil in the pot, fried green onion, add the tofu and stir fry for one minute, ③ add the right amount of water, put the kelp, and then add the right amount of seasoning can be out of the pot after boiling. 2. Shrimp and egg soup ① hot oil in the pot, add scallion to the pot, ② pour the right amount of water to boil, at the same time, add the eggs into the bowl and stir the shrimp continuously, ③ pour into the boiling water to stir and continue to cook, until it boils again after you can cease fire and slowly enjoy.

Third, the variety of diet

For the malnourished elderly, the key to this situation is to ensure the diversification of the diet, try not to be picky, not grains or livestock eggs and milk, fish, shellfish, shrimp and crabs, etc., to normal intake to ensure the balance of nutrition, but taking into account the special elderly groups, many elderly people because of poor digestive ability, in the diet will have a lot of food, in this case supplement. I relieved my mother of the worries I added for my mother, and my mother ate at ease and I was relieved naturally. I was relieved that my malnutrition gradually improved after my treatment.

Matters needing attention

Watching my mom get healthier and healthier, my happiness has improved a lot. Wish all parents can be healthy ~