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Online booking Tips

2018-03-07 08:00:00

Many tickets can now be booked or ordered online. Movie tickets, train tickets, plane tickets, sports tickets, concert tickets and so on. Here are some tips for online booking for reference.


Internet access equipment; Documents; Online banking, etc.


When the time is relatively tight, you can check the relevant time and place information through the consultation (if any), and then book through the Internet. The advantage of this booking is that the feedback is timely and the inquiry time is shortened.


For tickets such as air tickets, the further away the date is, the greater the discount. If time is not very tight, you can try to book later.


When booking a plane ticket, if you can book first and then issue the ticket, it is best to wait and issue the ticket, the earlier the ticket, in case the itinerary needs to be changed, it is very passive, not all the tickets can be changed for free.


Do I need insurance when booking tickets? This is based on personal needs. Some say yes and some say no. If it is for other people, it may be necessary to seek the opinions of others.


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Matters needing attention

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