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One minute to understand the four seasons flower sea travel guide

2018-03-09 03:12:00

The Four Seasons Flower Sea project is located between the forest park and Dongpu reservoir, the natural environment, is divided into A, B, C, D four plots, a total area of 2944 acres, different plots of different positioning, different scenery, the following small series to introduce the four seasons flower sea tourism strategy in detail, let's take a look.


Four Seasons Flower Sea Park is located in the north of the city forest Park, the west of Dongpu Reservoir, is a large area of free urban park landscape.


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The total area of Four Seasons Flower Sea land is more than 400 mu, including the waterfront, flower sea square and eight scenic spots.


Among them, the flower green area of 220 acres, planting February orchid, petunia, peacock grass, North America, tufted crape myrtle, spiraea and other hundreds of trees and flowers.