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On the car audio modification speaker selection easy to make six mistakes

2018-04-15 16:00:58

Misunderstanding 1: The higher the sense of high volume, the more stimulating the better the existence of treble makes the speaker a lot of music playback, treble can be said to be indispensable in audio equipment, no treble music boring, no color at all. But relatively speaking, the treble part is too much, it is not a good thing, first of all, the sound of the horn that produces too much treble components, people feel very harsh, the performance of the voice is easy to produce "teeth", that is, the singer in the singing of the air flow and teeth impact produced by the "silk" sound, this sound is too obvious will affect the degree of the voice. Mistake 2: The larger the volume of the speaker, the better Many friends are very interested in music, think that the more loud the speaker is a good speaker. In fact, listening to music at a high volume for a long time can cause great damage to the ears. I believe many people have seen the loudspeakers used for broadcasting in the past, which can emit a large volume, but can it be used to enjoy the music? Even if it could be used this way, I don't think many people would be able to enjoy the music it replays. Because it is produced for loud volume, playing music is boring and has no appreciation value. The equipment we use to enjoy music is not such a "monster," and the purpose is different. Therefore, in the purchase of speakers to take into account the high, medium, bass, timbre performance ability, rather than simply blindly pursue loudness. Mistake 3: The softer the bass, the better the bass gives people a feeling of flaring and grand. A good bass is defined as powerful, rich, deep diving, elastic, and textured. But some people like soft low frequency, the specific reason is not clear, but from the perspective of "fever" to see it is "soft foot", no sense of strength. It is not clean enough to enjoy fast music, it is not loud enough to enjoy the big scene symphony, and it is not strong enough to listen to rock. Mistake four: Only pay attention to the host does not pay attention to the speaker When the average person buys a sound system, only pay attention to the function and performance of the host, the power of the amplifier, and ignore the performance of the speaker. Put the capital focus on the host and the amplifier, the speaker is just a random change, which is wrong, the price of a good pair of speakers, it can exceed the price of the host, and even accounted for two-thirds of the overall equipment investment. Therefore, the speaker is a very important part of the audio upgrade, and can not be ignored. Mistake five; Only focus on technical parameters do not focus on sound quality Some people only look at the technical parameters on the speaker manual to determine the quality of the speaker, many shoddy speaker manual technical parameters indicators are very good, do not let the appearance blinded. The technical parameters of the speaker must be looked at, however, because the material is not the same, the process is not the same, the structure is not the same, etc., will make the sound quality of the speaker has a great difference, like the human voice, the timbre is not the same. Misconception six; It's all about power and size and not the type of music. Not all speakers, as long as the power and size can be replaced, of course, there will be no problem in use, but ignore the type of listening to the speaker, different structures and materials can make the speaker have different performance. Listen to rock speakers, the general sound basin use strong materials. The stroke is long and the sound line is coarse, highlighting the two ends of the curve, the high note is bright to show the metal sound, and the low note is hard to show the drum sound. Listen to the sound quality of the speaker, the use of softer materials, the sound line is more delicate, the curve is smooth, the middle of the curve is slightly prominent, the high note is soft, the middle note is sweet, and the bass is soft.