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Old clothes transformation three thermal underwear transformation baby placemat

2018-04-18 14:24:17

What will you do with the baby's old three thermal underwear? This is a baby last year's old three thermal underwear, next fall is certainly not to wear, and the chest is dirty, how can not wash off. Underwear can not be given away, after I think for a long time to do a lot of things. This introduction of old clothes transformation of three thermal underwear baby placemat, the use of old three thermal underwear for baby placemat production, very absorptive, suitable for baby use and easy to clean, the use of three thermal underwear transformation to make baby placemat production easier, there are graphic details of baby placemat production tutorials.


Cut the old three thermal underwear into pieces.


Place your baby's small dining table upside down on a piece of cloth to draw a placemat.


Prepare a 3cm wide strip of T-shirt fabric, wrap the edge of the placemat, and the placemat is ready.


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