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Novice foreign exchange account introduction

2018-03-18 09:36:00

People who are new to foreign exchange may not be so familiar with opening an account on foreign exchange platforms, and the process is actually far less complicated than imagined. The following platform account introduction guide can help investors understand the account opening process of foreign exchange trading platform.


After searching Forex platforms, click on a Forex platform


Click "Apply for a Real Account"


After searching the foreign exchange platform, click on a foreign exchange platform, log in to the website, click "Apply for a real account" to fill in the real personal information, submit and read the Customer Agreement and Risk Agreement.


When the foreign exchange platform receives and receives the application materials (the application information is complete), it will issue an acceptance receipt for review and processing within 3 working days. After the review is successful, professional customer service will call the customer to inform the customer.


If you want to operate the forex platform, it is necessary to make a trial investment in the simulation disk, return to the homepage of the website, download the trading system on the software download page and install it


After downloading the trading system and installing it, how do I deposit funds for conversion? In the menu bar "Third-party Payment Deposit", the funds are converted according to the bound bank account


The foreign exchange trading platform basically has a number of commercial banks to support the fund trust, and customers choose one or more bank accounts that have been opened to handle the bank-time transfer business.


Before investing, customers must familiarize themselves with the trading rules and freely trade according to their own funds. Reduce your own unnecessary troubles.


If you encounter any questions when trading Forex, your customer service specialist can answer them for you.

Matters needing attention

When filling in the application for real account, if you will not fill in the item, please contact your customer service specialist


If you encounter any problems in the Forex platform, please contact your customer service specialist or online customer service