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Northeast tourism must go to scenic spots

2018-03-02 00:00:00

What are the must-see spots in Northeast China? With the opening of high-speed rail lines and the increase in the density of routes to the northeast region, the development of the northeast tourism market is rapid, many people are still not clear about the Northeast tourist attractions, the following to share the Northeast tourism must go to the scenic spots


1: Known as "Moscow", "Little Paris" and "Music city", national historical and cultural city. Famous attractions: Ice and Snow World, Aleibu Snow Resort, Santa Fresia Cathedral, Sun Island, Songhua River, Central Street, Hal Ice and Polar Hall, Kwantonggu Lane, Dragon Tower


2: International Garden City, the best tourist city in China, known as the "window of the Northeast", "Northern pearl" and "romantic city". Famous attractions: Golden Stone Beach, Tiger Ocean Park, Gold Coast, Life Sea World, Xinghai Square, Mountain, Zhangzi Island, Lavender Manor


3: The east of the province, national 5A scenic area, known as the "millennium accumulation of cedar, straight up the world's first peak" reputation, famous scenic spots, Tianchi, Changbai Waterfall, ChangGrand Canyon, group


4: With the reputation of "country" and "Ruhr", national garden city, China's historical and cultural city, China's excellent tourist city. Famous attractions: Forbidden City, chess, Strange Slope, Funte Happy World, Park, Beiling, Expo Park, Kanto Studios, Aegean Valley


5: Known as the "Spring City of the North", China's excellent tourist city, national garden city, China's most happy city. Famous attractions: Changying Century City, Jingyuetan Lake, Manchukuo New Palace, Park, World Landscape Park, Flora and Fauna Park, World Sculpture Park, Karon Lake, ice Cave


6: Alias "China Snow City", China's excellent tourism city, China's top 100 tourism competitiveness city, national smart tourism pilot city. Famous attractions: Snow Town, Yilong Water Scenery Park, Snow Castle, underground forest, Hanging water Floor Waterfall, peak, Tiger Mountain, Black Treasure Bear Park, Bohai Sea Scenery Park


7: Wuchi Province, China's second largest volcanic barrier lake, the world's rare type of complete volcanic geological landscape, national 5A tourist attractions, national key scenic spots. Famous attractions: Stone Race, Geraqiu Mountain Tianchi, Fire Mountain, Black, Stone Sea, Yaoquan Mountain Zhong Ling Temple, Crystal Palace, White Dragon Cave


8: Mohe is the only place in China where you can see the Northern lights and the polar day phenomenon, and the highest latitude county in China. Famous attractions: North Pole Village, Guanyin Mountain, nine twists and eighteen bends, Rouge Ditch, port, Japanese fake electricity site, island


9: Jingbohu City, the largest mountain barrier lake in China and the second largest in the world, a national scenic spot, an international ecological tourism resort, and a national 5A tourist attraction. Famous attractions: Dasulou Waterfall, Peak, Tiger Mountain, Buksan Park, Maogong Mountain, Xiongsi Cave, Underground maze, Suoktan, Chosun Waterfall