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Newborn sleep is not practical how to do?

2018-04-15 20:48:31

Newborn sleep is not practical how to go? Waking up, crying, and making all kinds of humming and chirping sounds are signs of sleep insecurity. Many new mothers will encounter such problems, the following Xiaobian will discuss with you.


The newborn does not sleep well is not eat too full is not full, eat full bloated uncomfortable, not eat hungry uncomfortable, so for the newborn to feed according to demand, do not eat too much or too little.


It may also be that the diaper is wet or the diaper is full, the mother does not change the baby in time, causing the baby to cry and refuse to sleep, parents must always be sensitive when taking care of the child, and pay attention to the changes of the baby.


Clothes sometimes wear too tight will make the baby uncomfortable, causing the phenomenon of sleep insecurity, the child is too small to speak, can only cry to express their discomfort, so treasure mother usually to the baby to wear comfortable loose cotton clothes.


Mosquito bites are also a reason for the baby's sleep is not practical, this time the baby will appear itchy skin, so parents in the baby discomfort, more observation, see if it is caused by mosquito bites, this situation can get a mosquito net or spray some toilet water.


Baby too warm up eczema will also make the baby sleep is not practical, because eczema will make the baby feel itchy unbearable, this time to go to the hospital to buy some medicine for the baby to paint, or pay attention to the air temperature.


Calcium deficiency will also appear to sleep not practical crying phenomenon, baby physical examination treasure mother can see whether there is a calcium deficiency phenomenon of trace elements, if there is, to supplement in time, more sun.