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National Day to see the sea self-help tour guide

2018-04-03 09:36:46

National Day is coming, the major travel agency business is booming, consulting group people are very hot. "The National Day holiday is very long, and the five-day double flight tour is very popular, and the departure three days before the National Day is almost fully booked," said a staff member of a well-known travel agency. So, if we don't choose to go with a group tour, how can we have fun on our own? The author through many channels, for everyone to inquire about the latest tour market, hope to give you some reference.


Beach walking, diving and seafood are the three main themes of the holiday. Located in the southernmost part of China Island, the four seasons are like summer, flowers are in full bloom, known as "Hawaii". If you are traveling with a group, you do not have to worry about the round-trip ticket and the shuttle bus. Arriving at the international airport, there are three modes of transportation available: airport bus, bus and taxi. The airport bus fare is 15 yuan, the whole journey is about 45 minutes; Bus line 8, ticket price is 8 yuan. After arriving in the city, you can take the bus 102 can reach Asia, the ticket price is 5 yuan; Take 2, 4 bus can reach big, ticket price 1 yuan; Taxi to the city takes about 25 minutes, the fare is about 50 yuan, to about 70 yuan, to about 90 yuan, can be negotiated with the driver.


Live in tourism, accommodation is a very important link, since it is to see the sea, do not enjoy the sea view room is not a pity! There are many luxury resort wines with their own private beaches. Generally speaking, tourists will choose to stay in Asia, Ta or Wan. In addition, the resort on Wuzhizhou Island is also a quiet "world away", which is suitable for vacation. Of course, the wine also has a line of seascape, second-line seascape, but also provides different grades of catering and entertainment services, we can choose suitable accommodation according to their needs. In addition to luxury wine, family hotels are also a good choice. These hotels offer good value for money, unique design and a warm atmosphere.


Seafood is a must not miss the food, the more popular seafood delicious steamed sea urchin, steamed scallop, raw lobster, crab porridge, salt and pepper shrimp, steamed grouper, steamed eyebrow fish and so on. There are also four vegetable chicken, acacia duck, sheep, and happy crab available here. There is a seafood square street, such as Spring Garden seafood Square, Mingrun seafood Square, 168 seafood square, Lai is fresh square are more famous in the local. If you want to do something different, going to the pier fisherman's boat to eat seafood is also a good choice. You can also buy a wealth of tropical fruits, affordable prices, fresh coconut water at about 5 yuan, the portion is very good. Mango, papaya, durian, dragon fruit, jackfruit, lychee, mangosteen and so on can be found everywhere. When you are thirsty, you can use some fresh juice to quench your thirst and nourish yourself.


There are countless tourist attractions to visit. Wuzhizhou Island holiday, is recognized as China's first underwater resort; Hot tropical Paradise Forest Park, is the location of "If You Are the One 2" shooting; The size of the cave, the beautiful sea view, mountain scenery and stone scenery known as the first scenic spot in Qiongya. The bay is thin, the green trees on the shore are like belts, the blue water in the sea is like silk, and we ride a bicycle to see the sunset rise. There are many more sights to discover. In short, the tour is sure to be a trip that will not let you down.

Matters needing attention

Those who cannot swim are advised not to go into the water.