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Mountain three day tour guide

2018-04-05 19:12:59

Life must come to a mountain not to ask the future to come only for a peace of mind not to be satisfactory but to be worthy of the heart one day, you will come to the mountain because of any kind of idea, a pure land, three columns fragrance, all you want. Manjusri made a great wish: "He said that as long as you come to the mountain, I promise to see you." Just in what way to see you, you do not know "how romantic a thing ah! Parents are living Buddhas, why do you need to search thousands of miles.


Two days one night mountain road tour About the distance: do not worry about not finding the road, open the navigation search mountain scenic spot, under the highway, is the scenic spot, open along the road to the ticket office. Pay attention to buying tickets at the ticket office, the ticket office here implements the separation system of people and cars, that is, to stop the car, people first go to buy tickets and then drive into the mountain. Here, I suggest that you buy a good ticket in advance (pay attention to the public number mountain tourist service) on ok, directly drive into the mountain, where you only need to show your ID card. Student tickets have to be bought at half price on site, so students get off the bus and buy tickets at the ticket office. The driver and other adults drive in together and then go directly from the ticket office into the hill and meet the bus. The scenic spot is ten kilometers away from the scenic spot, so be sure to drive the car to go. Up and down the mountain is a road, no traffic jams in the words really very easy to go. Just go with the flow, look around at the tourist signs, and go wherever you want. About Tickets: Admission ticket: adult 135, student 70. Scenic spots on the mountain cable car 85 round trip, 50 one-way. Scenic spots are almost free, and there are a few temples that charge fees, about ten or eight dollars per person, which can be ignored. Try not to bring incense, there are temples do not let their own incense, temple free incense. Do not be deceived by unscrupulous merchants outside to buy incense and other things. (One may be blocked by security not to go in, and the second is really very pit very pit) Each scenic spot has a parking lot, free (nice) about eating: the mountain rice is more expensive than outside, you can bring some self-heating rice, instant noodles, etc., the scenic spot inside the sliced noodles 15RMB, rice noodles 20RMB, stir-fried vegetables are forty or fifty this way can be referred to, It is not recommended to eat in the scenic area. But there are a lot of villagers under the mountain Dai Luoding stall (on the Luoding will pass by), sliced noodles 10RMB, cold skin 10RMB, millet porridge 5RMB, Tai mushroom (a kind of mushroom sauce) is very delicious, you can take a few bottles home, the scene also has to sell Tai mushroom Jiamo ground, 3RMB a, quite fragrant. It's still more cost-effective. Come to worship and eat as little as you can. About accommodation: It is recommended to live near the five Ye Temple, because many people will choose to go to the five ye Temple the next day to burn incense, online booking will be a little more expensive off-season 300 or so, the peak season understand. I choose local people, live in a B&B, you can bargain, 150-200, the environment is good, and near a lot of scenic spots. Must go to attractions: Dai Luoding five ye temple moon pool special like temple Guanghua Temple Dai Luoding: offering five Manjusri Bodhisattvas, worship is called "small Chaotai", pray for the elimination of obstacles, study, and seek growth wisdom is very spiritual five ye temple: is the most prosperous mountain incense temple, seeking official wealth seeking career are very spiritual. Moon Pool: It is said that you can see your past life and this life, as if the offering ground is to send the child Guanyin, seeking the son is very spirit. Statue Temple: Worship Manjusri Bodhisattva, is also to study wisdom, Guanghua Temple: net red temple, is also particularly fire, see the night will go, can be arranged to 7-9 PM to go, with a shot are very beautiful. There are a lot of temples, the temple of God, for marriage. I think the above is the first choice to do in the case of time, time can look at the map and then go to other places. I also went to the tower temple and Buddha mother hole Day1: under the high-speed first stop went to the special like temple, and then Dai Luoding, Dai Luoding can choose to take the cable car up the mountain, you can also walk 1080 steps, I suggest choosing to climb the steps, there will be a lot of three steps to kowtowing devout believers, walking up the mountain, sincerely seek themselves, eliminate obstacles, increase wisdom. Then we take the cable car down the mountain. Eat under the top of a Daisy. Then I went to bed and slept. Cars can be parked near the homestay. At seven o 'clock in the evening, walking to Guanghua Temple to see the night scene, there are many people, follow the prayer wheel, pray, you can eat fast food, and give Shakyamuni baby like bathing Buddha merits. Day2: Check out and drive to the Five Ye Temple (although it is very close to walking, but we want to play all the way down the mountain and directly home, not to come to the hostel). The second stop to the Pagoda Temple, around the big rotation of the Sutra wheel really shocked. Remember to recite Manjusri Mantra: Om Arro Bazana. Then go to the moon pool to see the past life (I did not see anything, may be my practice is not enough). The next stop continued to drive down the mountain, is to see what you want, passing the Buddha mother cave and went for a stroll. Play until four o 'clock in the afternoon, we continue to go down the mountain, start home ~ tips: My overall path is to go up the mountain first, and then play all the way down. We must choose well, many scenic spots, even if the traffic jam can also walk to, otherwise it will be very painful. (Some people live outside the scenic area, some people live at the foot of the mountain, go anywhere have to drive, if there are many traffic jams, one hour can not go to the scenic spot, really very tired)

Matters needing attention

Add suggestions: For the first time, mountain friends, recommend to see the stage play "see the mountain again", ticket price 218-588, different seat prices are different. You can put the stage play on the last punch project, sit and watch, take a rest, and drive home directly after reading