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Mountain homestay accommodation recommended

2018-04-02 16:00:30

Not how to pursue poetry and distance, when the night is fading, you need a warm accommodation to brush away the fatigue of running. Stay in the mountain National Forest Park, stay in the natural landscape, stay in the garden of flowers, have a good night's dream. The following to recommend some mountain accommodation or accommodation, personally feel very good


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Homestay recommendation

Flower Fairy Inn on the west side of the village, a few minutes' walk away from the Nanak field flower Sea, the flower fairy Inn surrounded by a wooden fence guards a heaven and earth, quietly, away from the secular noise. The most beautiful view is in the yard. Under the tall trees is the soft lawn, leisurely sitting on the wicker chair in the yard, the flowers all the way around the branches, jumping into the porch, the fragrance gradually calmed all the troubles in my heart. Inside the hall, the simple color of white and logs seems to remain, bringing visual comfort. The personalized lighting, the unique floor texture, and the clean and tidy environment are all reasons why people will like it here at a glance. Open the door and enter the warm room, which is refreshing. Comfortable and clean bed, high-end complete bathroom facilities, some rooms on the second floor have a viewing terrace, ten thousand mu of flowers in front of you, there is a sweeping scenery of the invincible forest sea for people to feast their eyes.


Murakami · Flower house Murakami · Flower house is located on the east side of Nantian village, adjacent to the Nantian flower Sea show, surrounded by flowers and plants. The overall Nordic decoration style, simple atmosphere, with log design, highlighting the concept of environmental protection. Murakami Flower house has a number of theme rooms, the room names are romantic fantasy: Fragrant Snowball Family Suite, blue cedar Big Bed room, Cherry Twin Bed Room...... Each room has high penetration Windows that receive 100% of the sun's warmth. The soft furnishings in the room, from cushions, carpets, coffee tables to a variety of delicate ornaments and utensils, both a Japanese comfort, but also a Nordic style of simplicity. In the hearts of flower girls and flower boys, here is a warm home, take care of a few houses, receive visiting friends, and everyone gets together, just like family. You can throw flowers in the yard, you can have a unique party with your friends, you can hold a courtyard wedding with your favorite person, and you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city on the weekend, and quietly taste an afternoon tea and smell the flowers in the yard.


Bay Light Luxury Resort Wine Bay Light Luxury resort wine is composed of light luxury simple style tree house and distinctive theme RV, etc., to give you a different feeling of stay.


Rv camping has 30 different themes of popular animation theme, love movie theme, around the world theme, mountain landscape theme for everyone to experience, accommodation. On the 110 square meters of lawn, the trailer trailers are parked there, separated from each other by wooden fences, forming a RV landscape courtyard, which counts as an independent small garden. Barbecue pit, sand pit, rest deck and other facilities are available. Open the door, the space area is large enough, the rear of the car is generally the bedroom, the middle is the living room and the toilet, the sofa, TV, air conditioning and other modern home equipment, some models are equipped with Chivas first-class seats, can be said to be quite tall.


In the green forest of the mountains, hidden a mysterious tree house, and the surrounding natural environment perfect integration, let you feel as if you have strayed into the fairy tale world. The treehouse is connected by the skywalk, and multiple themed Spaces are scattered up and down, increasing the interest of the accommodation. The wide Windows bring the green to the eyes, and bright light fills the whole space. Climbing up the stairs, the treehouse makes full use of space, which is both clever and comfortable. The minimalist white extends to every corner, and with natural logs, people begin to remove fatigue from the visual, and feel relaxed. Each piece of small and delicate objects, let people inadvertently get surprise and interest.


Purple Lingli Wine Purple Lingli wine is surrounded by purple flowers, is the largest number of rooms in the mountain wine. Linhua and rest, can enjoy the sunrise in the morning, the sunset at night, can smell the flowers and sleep at night. The interior of the room is not complicated decoration, modern simple, just the right sense of beauty. The blue-gray fabric sofa and light yellow bed stool echo the white wall, laying the overall natural charm. Aren't these beautiful places in the mountains amazing? Come to the mountain later, you can ~

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