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Modern Avenue │ Teach you high cheekbones how to apply blush tips

2018-02-27 14:24:00

Some people think that high cheekbones are not good to draw blush, in fact, it is not difficult to draw a blush that is suitable for the face shape, here are two different textures of high cheekbone blush painting method, Modern Avenue Xiaobian teach you how to draw high cheekbones to highlight your temperament.


Powder blush: It should be the easiest blush to put on makeup, very suitable for beginners to use makeup, with the use of different colors, more modified face shape effect. Blush is generally drawn at a 45 degree Angle at the position of the cheekbone, remember not to be a large piece, the area of the apple muscle brush is slightly larger than the position of the cheekbone, forming a pea shape, remember the Angle must be accurate. If you have confidence in the face shape, you may wish to brush blush with a triangular shape, generally suitable for the face is thinner, can make the face full, but at this time it is best to choose 4 colors of blush, it is recommended not to use a monochrome blush such a three-dimensional sense will be better. In addition, for girls with white skin, it is recommended to try such a healthy skin tone at the same time, choose a warm orange blush to echo the sunshine. Steps: Step1: Dip a makeup brush in the right amount of powder blush, then gently pat off the excess blush. Step2: Put the brush on the cheekbone and gently sweep it diagonally upward. Finally, brush the surface evenly in a circular motion. Application tips: Step1: You can use a powder puff instead of a blush brush to print rouge on the face from the inside out, and the force of the outward print should be small. Step2: When applying, try to smile, so that you can find the correct position of the rouge.


Paste blush: Compared to other textures of blush, paste blush can make the color more lasting. Step: Step1: First use the middle finger and ring finger to take out the appropriate amount of paste blush. Step2: Put the blush point on the cheekbone, use the finger belly of the middle finger and ring finger to gently and quickly print the blush and push it evenly, paying attention to the gradual reduction in printing. Application tips: Step1: cream blush is most suitable for use after foundation, you can add crushed powder after application, the effect will be better and more lasting! Step2: It is better to apply with your fingers than with a brush, and use the heat of your finger belly to melt the cream blush. Step3: The amount of each printing must not be too much, layer by layer will make the effect better, light printing way can achieve a uniform and natural effect of blush.


In fact, it is not difficult for high cheekbones to draw blush that suits their face shape. Here are 3 different texture blush makeup tips for you to teach you how to draw blush with high cheekbones to highlight your temperament and help you easily create a more delicate face shape. With the above high cheekbone blush painting method, cheekbone high girls no longer have to worry, any kind of can help you easily create a more delicate face shape to highlight your unique temperament yo!