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Mining submersible pump frequently start the reason

2018-04-17 22:24:40

When the user installs the mining submersible pump, the check valve is not installed at the inlet and outlet, resulting in the rapid return of water after the pump is stopped, and the outlet pressure drops so that the whole mining submersible pump will start again after the preset pressure. The solution to the frequent start-up of this mine submersible pump is to install a check valve at the outlet of the self-priming pump to solve the problem.


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The distance of transmission is far, the high height of the required pressure is larger, the pressure set on the pressure controller can not meet the requirements of use, you can open the controller cover and then the flat screwdriver in the middle of the adjustment knob clockwise upward to obtain a higher disconnecting pressure can be solved.


The reason for the frequent start of the mining submersible pump may also be because there is no gas in the pressure tank above the self-priming pump, you can unscrew the gas nut above the pressure tank with the pump to add gas to the inside so that the pressure tank can play a role in regulating the pressure, it is necessary to pay attention to whether each mine submersible pump has the function of gas for the pressure tank.


If the mine submersible pump used for a period of time is in good condition, then the phenomenon of frequent start and stop suddenly may be the automatic switch is broken, zy16 can replace an automatic switch to see if there is still the fault.