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Mind reading and expressions

2018-03-18 00:00:00

Negative emotions: Eyebrows raised, squeezed together, representing fear, worry, worry; Bite the lip, touch the ear, indicating that the control desire is growing, indicating anxiety; Flouted nostrils and tight lips indicate uncontrollable anger; ◇ Hand forehead table guilt, shame; ◆ Chin raised, mouth drooping table self-blame; ◇ Eyebrows pulled up to show fear; ◆ Eyes suddenly open in surprise; ◇ Touch the side of the face or ears, indicating that you are controlling emotions, indicating tension; ◆ Pupils are dilated under normal physiological conditions, showing anger, fear and sexual desire; ◇ When the individual is afraid and nervous, the blood will converge from the upper body to the lower body, you can touch his hand, the skin temperature difference is greater than 5°C; ◆ One eye slightly squint, one side of the mouth slightly pick, disdain, contempt; ◇ Upper lip turned up, out of the teeth, disgust (disgust indicates hatred, more terrible than hate, contempt) Other :▲ eyebrows down wrinkled together, eyelids raised, eye bags tight, indicating that the person has an aggressive tendency; Frequent blinking indicates associated mental activity; When a person caresses the facial features with a slightly upright middle finger, it indicates that he is hostile to the current object; He clasped his hands with his fingers interlocked and put two index fingers against his lips, indicating that he was telling himself that something could not be said, that it was a contradiction, and that it was behavior control; Swallowing when seeing, hearing, or saying someone or something indicates strong feelings for it chapter1 People who really like you will raise their eyebrows (or arch them) when they meet for the first time, on the contrary, those who are less likely to slightly squint at you chapter2 The secret of blinking When people feel threatened, When you encounter something you don't like, want to protect your brain by avoiding "seeing" something you don't want to see, or want to show contempt for someone, you may squint, close your eyes, or cover your eyes. These are all visual blocking behaviors. After the chapter3 accident, the brain will be controlled by the limbic system, and there will be shaking, disorientation, tension and discomfort. At the scene of a car accident, some people will walk towards the oncoming vehicle in a trance. So it is best to stay in the car after the accident, otherwise your heart is out of control. People sometimes close their lips together (as if to hide them) when they are in trouble or when something is wrong. When you propose something to someone around you and they react this way it means your proposal needs to be revised. Everyone has their own stress-relieving action when they are nervous. After spending time with someone, they will find that they repeat the same action when they are nervous, because "past behavior is the best preview of future behavior." chapter6 Relativity Everyone has their own baseline behavior, that is, behavior in daily life, and when their behavior violates the baseline behavior, it means that something must have happened. Changes in a person's behavior are important because they tell you about the person's thoughts, feelings, interests, and intentions. If there really is a treasure, the first place that people's eyes lock when they learn of an accident (fire, etc.) represents the place where they hide the object. When a man is about to do something he has been plotting for a long time, his nostrils dilate. When a thief is about to make a move, when two men who have been in a standoff for a long time are about to fight. Or when you're fighting with your boyfriend and getting cold. When a person lies, there is a sweat on the forehead, which is uncontrollable. Good for summer. chapter10 Freeze reflects when a person is lying, when something you say catches his attention, or when you think of something important, the body movement will suddenly stop. When you walk on the road, you suddenly remember that the gas at home is not related, your first action must be to stop your feet for a second or two, some people will pat the back of the head, and then go home to turn off the stove. chapter11 Turtle Effect When a person wants to do something secretly, he will deliberately reduce the exposure and walk with his head down. When someone steals someone else's credit card and learns the PIN number, the suspect identified by the ATM camera when withdrawing money is usually wearing a hat. But it's actually easier to lock in. When things that people do not want to mention suddenly flash into their minds, they will be upset, trying to forget but unable to forget. This kind of torture is a kind of unspeakable irritability, so when you want to make a person feel bad, the best way is to stimulate him with something to remind him of those humiliating or sad things, which is best not to use. So as not to jump. When a threat gets too close, people have a flight response, as if everyone instinctively avoids something they don't like, even people. But the flight response isn't just about avoiding, it can be about small actions. For example, turning the body to the other side may be accompanied by various blocking behaviors, such as closing the eyes, rubbing the eyes, or covering the face with the hands. chapter14 Sporadic comforting behaviors People cover the neck with their hands when feeling upset, uncomfortable, fearful, or worried. Rubbing the forehead is usually a sign that a person is indecisive or feeling some kind of discomfort. Neck stroking usually occurs when a person is feeling unwell or unsafe, when lying. Faced with a difficult question, an embarrassing situation or something depressing to hear, see or think about, men are more likely to touch the face, while women are more likely to touch the neck, clothing, jewelry, arms and hair. Teach you to see through people's disguises in small details? People who do not believe in love at first sight are not confident in their appearance. ? The more a man shows off something, the more he lacks something. The more a person hides something, the more inferiority. ? Like to use [...] The person who answers is soft in heart, has no heart, but is timid. ? True friends, do not greet on weekdays, do not say thank you, do not say trouble you, do not send text messages in the festival, something straight to the theme. ? The performance of spiritual aging: 1, poor sense of competition 2, inferiority 3, opinionated 4, personality withdrawn 5, slow reflection 6, emotional trance 7, low efficiency 8, slow thinking 9, impatient character 10, gradually lazy. ? People who think with their right brain are poorer? Men touch under the nose. He's lying. ? Eyebrow raised slightly when asking knowing question. ? If the other person is dismissive of your query. Then your questions are usually true. ? Facial expression is not symmetrical, then it is usually faked. ? Everyone has 5-6 closest partner positions in their heart. It could be a person, an animal, a plant, or your own imagination. ? Don't wait to be loved, you have to know how to love yourself, in order to assume the happiness of others. ? Blame yourself before blaming others. ? Find ways and don't make excuses. ? Never say impossible. ? If a person smiles at you and then greets others with the same words, this person is hypocritical. ? The purer the man, the deeper he may be. The way to judge is to keep looking for her help with the same thing, will pout small complaints but will still help you is true pure, will fake smile and refuse is hypocrisy. ? Alarm clocks are bad for your health. A high-pitched alarm clock can cause a variety of mental illnesses if you listen to it for a long time. ? Jazz lovers have a rich imagination By nature. People who like to listen to classical music are quiet and have a strong sense of responsibility. It's boring. People who listen to rock music are irresponsible and emotionally unstable. Love to listen to pop music traditions. Make good friends. Rap music and athletic talent. High self-esteem but lack of discipline. Listening to electronic music is a little nerve-racking. ? Men show love by bragging. Women show love by listening. A scheming woman has a hard time finding a boyfriend because she listens with sarcasm. ? When people are in line, they always feel that their line is the slowest. ? People who clean their rooms are happy and content with happiness. ? People who like to show their teeth are open and simple. ? People who enjoy outdoor activities are calmer and smarter. ? People who accept the opinions of others and change their habits are mentally strong, while those who do not are mentally weak. ? Gambling when the heart is extremely depressed can relax the body and mind. ? People with faith are happier. ? If a person has no bottom line, he will be controlled by others. ? Women are happier than men. ? The more people don't complain about being attractive. ? Women are determined by the state of men: men love, women gentle men cold, women like ice. ? The more you play, the worse you speak. ? A woman who loves a satchel is generally just outside and soft inside, confident in appearance, and insecure in heart? The more lonely, the slower the cold gets better. ? The essence of learning is to improve one's insight. ? If you are indecisive, you must be cruel to yourself and others once, or you will not be able to live yourself. ? If you don't want to do it, you'll find an excuse. If you want to do it, you'll find a reason. ? More often than not, women break up with men because they argue too much. Most men break up with women because of lack of affection. ? The feet are the farthest place from the brain. It's also the place that most reflects reality. Here's an example. Three men were having a serious conversation, ignoring the pretty woman next to them. But anyone who points their toes at that woman is distracted. ? Everyone is a piece of the puzzle, and without you, everyone else's life is missing. ? A man is angry because he can't do something. A woman is angry because she was denied something. It's fundamentally different. ? People who put family first are happier. ? When you quarrel with your lover, you must quarrel out, not overnight. Even if you can stand it, you'll grow old fast. ? A girl with a lover must dress up, but it must be beautiful and not coquettish. ? People who like to hold the quilt between their feet have a strong sexual desire. ? If you don't cry, toxins will precipitate, and the elderly are more likely to suffer from dementia. ? You can talk about your family in front of your girlfriends, but in front of your family and friends, be sure to give face. ? You can not be smart in the workplace, but you can not be careless. ? It's always safest to lay low. ? Touching the back of your neck while talking is lying. ? Cover your brows with your palms to show shame. ? The faster you respond, the more they care about you. ? The best way to get people to like you is not to help them, but to let them help you. ? Two men chasing a woman, with the shallow first give up. Two women chasing a man, with love to give up first. ? The more educated a person is, the less afraid of death. ? Lack of sleep makes you fat. ? No matter how good the song is set to wake up alarm will also listen to tired. ? For bestie, the more you care about you, the more love to hit you, your problems she will always know better than you. ? If a man carries your bags, pays your bills, and pulls out your chair, he has had a girlfriend, and more than one. ? What a man remembers most is often the woman who changed him. ? People love to fool around with people who care about them because you know they won't leave you. Clowning around is actually a kind of pettiness. ? Women love to cry in bed, men love to lie in bed. ? You've got acne, and your parents say it'll go away after the baby. You had cramps, and your parents said you'd be fine after the baby. You're fat. Parents say you'll be fine after the baby. You're cranky. Your parents said you'd be fine after the baby. So having children is a woman's most powerful weapon. ? Most women would give up sex for 15 months to get a new wardrobe. So in the man's heart brothers are like brothers, and women are like clothes. Men are worse than clothes in the eyes of women. ? If a man stares at a woman for more than 8.2 seconds when he meets her for the first time, he doesn't just like her. ? Always feel the vibration, out of nothing. ? The man who sits down and keeps shaking his legs is selfish. ? If a person says "I love you" to slap him in the face, if he still loves you, it is true. ? The difference between men and women in love: women will constantly lower their bottom line and compromise. Men, on the other hand, set a limit and then walk away. ? Girls who will press off the alarm clock and continue to stay in bed, life is more casual, do not like busy work and pressure, do things more delay, attach more importance to friendship than love. ? People who will cook and treat themselves have a more positive and optimistic attitude and a gentler personality. ? Successful habits: 1, understand the purpose of everything. 2, good at listening 3, decisive decision 4, set [plan at the time] 5, good at summarizing 6, do good things 7, diligent summary 8, use the power of self-suggestion 9, use meditation skills 10, maintain physical strength 11, beyond the self 12, establish a system 13, winners find ways, losers find reasons? Girls do not love reason, so men pay attention, rather than reason with girls, it is better to press her directly on the wall to kiss. ? Men are animals that like to beat around the bush. ? 2 words that alienate people: 1, I am right. You're wrong. 2. I'm doing it for your own good. People who say these two words generally do not think through the brain. ? People who like to play with their hair are more delicate. ? Girls who play with their hair while talking are headstrong. ? You like to pull your ears to show that you want to interrupt others. ? People who like to cover their mouths are gentle, but they crave the attention of others.