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Method for identification of natural pearls

2018-04-02 14:24:39

Several methods of identifying true and false pearls


1. Look at the holes: [pearl] perforated holes have layered structural characteristics; [Imitation bead] The surface material is beryllium, and careful inspection can see the glass or plastic inner core


2, dental test method: [pearl] gently slide the pearl from the teeth, there is a sense of sand [imitation pearl] no sand and more smooth


3, friction method: [pearl] with two pearls rub each other, rough, sand is the real pearl [imitation pearl] and slipping each other is false


4, intuitive method: [pearl] has a natural five rainbow light, in a necklace, its size, shape is not very regular surface can generally be seen by the naked eye defects, because they are naturally produced products, can not be as absolute as machine mold casting; [Imitation pearl] The shape is spherical, consistent stiff, no halo, it looks very fake


5, amplification method: [pearl] with ten times magnifying glass to observe the surface of the pearl, can see like sand dunes blown by the wind shape is true [imitation pearl] can only see eggshell like a more uniform coating is false