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Metal, wood, stone adhesion with epoxy resin glue is good

2018-04-19 03:12:20

Metal, wood, stone adhesive epoxy resin glue can of course, and the bonding strength is also very high, epoxy resin glue has non-volatile, non-toxic, environmental protection, good insulation performance; Water resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, excellent anti-corrosion; Superior performance such as super bonding, can be cured at room temperature and many other excellent characteristics. Usually suitable for mechanical assembly and maintenance, welder engineering use, vehicle and ship manufacturing repair, petrochemical road, electronic and electrical parts bonding, ceramic bonding, construction, decoration, mold making, casting repair, abrasives, abrasives and other manufacturing and repair. Suitable for stone bonding stone, wood bonding wood, metal and metal bonding, wood bonding stainless steel, metal bonding ceramic, metal bonding hard plastic, stone bonding ceramic, cement batch, stone coating and other materials self-bonding, with bonding, filling, fastening, the effect is particularly good. High strength epoxy glue Precautions: Keep the workplace ventilated and out of reach of children. ★ Wear isolation gloves when operating. If it touches the skin or eyes, rinse immediately or seek medical attention. ★ Do not mix two glue when not in use, and do not cap the glue cap incorrectly after use. ★ Store in cool, dry, ventilated place and away from high temperature. ★ When users use in batches, please do the test first. Avoid affecting the bonding effect due to improper operation