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Mahogany furniture maintenance skills

2018-04-13 16:00:39

A set of mahogany furniture is often worth a lot of money, it sets practical, ornamental, value preservation in one. Traditional mahogany furniture with a long history and high quality is a treasure coveted by Chinese and foreign collectors. Such a precious "wood" should be carefully maintained.


First, mahogany furniture should be placed away from the door, window, tuyere and other strong air flow position, not to be directly exposed to the sun.


Second, do not put in the cold weather near the heating, do not avoid the indoor temperature is too high.


Third, autumn, winter and other seasons, to keep the indoor air is not dry, it is appropriate to use a humidifier to spray wet, or indoor fish, flowers can also adjust the humidity of the indoor air.


This page is based on experience


To keep the furniture clean, you can wipe the dust with clean gauze every day. Do not use chemical brighteners to avoid damage to the paint film. Want to keep the brightness of the furniture paint film, you can crush the walnuts, peel them, and then use three layers of gauze to remove grease, and polish the furniture.

Matters needing attention

The maintenance of mahogany furniture is long-term, and you must be patient.