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Mahogany furniture collection, investment precautions

2018-04-13 14:24:14

At present, mahogany furniture investment collection has become an important area of collection investment, and with the improvement of people's income level, mahogany furniture is expected to become the darling of high-end furniture. Tools/Materials

Collecting skill

First of all, we must distinguish the material, the common types of mahogany on the market are mainly Huanghua pear, small leaf rosewood, Vietnam Huanghua pear, red acid branches of these four kinds of wood, the material characteristics and prices are not exactly the same. Investment collectors can visit the market, look at samples,


Second, learn to spot fakes. The high value and high profit of mahogany furniture naturally gave rise to the counterfeiting tide of mahogany furniture. To avoid fake goods, one is to pay attention to fake information, the usual means of counterfeiting have similar places, understand the more fake information and means, then the possibility of being fooled by fake goods is less; The second is to try to choose mahogany furniture with a good commercial reputation, and pay attention to whether the material column on the product price tag is marked by national standards. Accumulate knowledge and experience to acquire the ability to identify materials.


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Sum up

In addition, we should pay attention to the appearance quality of mahogany furniture. "A rough diamond makes a rough rod." Mahogany furniture is the same, fine mahogany furniture pay attention to the "shape, material, art", the process and shape also determine the collection value of mahogany furniture. The price of the same piece of furniture on the market may be a hundred times different, the use of carving, tenon riveting, inlay, curve and other traditional processes, without any nails and adhesives made of mahogany furniture is worth collecting boutique.