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Madagascar Travel Guide

2018-03-09 17:36:00

Madagascar is located in the western Indian Ocean. The whole island is made of volcanic rock. The sky above Madagascar is clearly visible, green and orange, the most vivid symbol of the Indian Ocean.








The Royal Residence of Bushimanga The Royal residence of Ambushimanga is located 20 km north of the capital Tana Na Buddha and consists of the imperial city, the royal cemetery and a group of ceremonial buildings. The Royal Palace is a wooden structure, built on a stone platform, about 7 meters long and 6 meters wide, the roof is supported by a 10-meter-long yellow sandalwood, and the double layer of yellow sandalwood wood is the wall, each board is 40 to 45 centimeters wide and 7 centimeters thick, a total of more than 110 boards. From the traces of the foundation, the original house was divided into 5 rooms, and now two wooden beds are installed inside.


Bemaraha National Park Bemaraha National Park is located in the Malaki region of Madagascar, Africa, and is mainly composed of karst landforms and limestone hills. The park is full of solid, drought-resistant, sharp, steep stone forests with a variety of strange and spectacular rock structures in the world. Bemaraha National Park is rugged, few people can actually reach, but it is a kingdom of many rare animals and plants; Because the top of the park's lime towers is bare and dry, the bottom collects rainwater and soil, providing nutrients for rare plants; At the same time, because of the fragile and fireproof characteristics of the stone forest, it has become a natural refuge for many rare animals and birds.


The Achin Anana Rainforest is made up of six national parks in the eastern part of the island. These surviving rainforests are particularly important for continuing ecological processes, which are the lifeblood of the biodiversity that reflects the geological history of Madagascar. It is home to 78 of Madagascar's 123 land mammal species, including 72 on the IUCN Red List of Threatened species, including at least 25 lemurs.


Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar, an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Antananarivo is a city with a mixture of Asian, African and European styles. Walking through the city, you can see towering church spires, tall eucalyptus trees, red-tiled houses and stone pavements, and its architecture is no different from that of European cities. Tananari city is very attractive in the morning and night, whenever the morning dew, the valley filled with a vast white fog, beginning like a curl of smoke, and then over the whole city, the hillside of the palace, trees and buildings hidden from time to time, like a mirage. When night falls, the buildings built by the mountains are unique in shape, and the lights flicker like the Milky Way landing on earth.


Nosibe Island, located on the west coast of Madagascar, is the largest coastal island of Madagascar. Nosibe Island is the most famous tourist destination in Madagascar, with more than 200 kilometers of coast around the island and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The seabed of Madagascar is one of the most beautiful diving sites in the world, with a wide variety of fish, colors, and strange names weaving together an Arabesque wonderland.


Koban-dravinakoban-dravina, a Madagascan specialty, mixes ground peanuts, red pond and lake of sweet rice flour into a one-foot-long, five-inch-thick piece of dough, which is then wrapped in banana leaves and cooked ina pot for several days until the pond melts and caramelizes. When the rice flour is solidified and the peanut oil penetrates into the rice flour, it is ready to eat. It is usually thinly sliced and wrapped in newspaper for carrying.