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Macao special shopping guide

2018-03-03 09:36:00

Duty Free and Designer goods Located in the shopping mall of Macau, there are many haute couture stores selling world famous clothing and accessories. There are also some famous brands in the vicinity of Nanwan Garden, Yinhuangzi Road and Xinma Road. Plus, wine in the mall. In addition to designer fashion and accessories, you can also buy duty-free perfume and cosmetics, high-end children's clothing and cheap electronic products. There are duty free agents at the wharfs, Macau International Airport and the border gates. Shop in the Museum and Macau souvenirs If you want to buy Macau souvenirs, you can go to the souvenir shop in the museum. The museum's kiosk sells books, videos and other memorabilia about the most important sporting events held in Macau, especially the Formula 3 World Series. The Macau Museum's sales desk sells a variety of souvenirs about Macau, including exquisite handicrafts, illustrated books and imaginative souvenirs such as the unique model sailboats that once filled the waters around the city. In addition, there are other elaborate souvenirs about the sea. There is a pawnshop exhibition hall in the Cultural Association Hall, which is adjacent to the "Fine Point Gallery" and the "Art Square" of the Museum, and is used to sell special hand mail food, decorations, souvenirs, postcards, bookmarks, clothing and so on. In the Jinyong Library on the first floor, readers who love Cha Xia should not miss. There is also a "water tea hall", so that tea lovers can gather together. Postcards, books, printed materials Different kinds of postcards and other novelty items can be bought at the merchants near the ruins. However, if you want to buy some really interesting and good quality books and works by local artists, please go to the small shop in the Home Affairs Department building. The romantic and historical descriptions of Macao in the 19th century are very vivid. These books can be found in books, museums, and many wine books. Cameras, camcorders and Electronic products Many camera shops and all large department stores in Macau sell the most advanced electronic products, cameras and camcorders. They have a variety of styles, latest and high quality products for customers to choose from, and the prices are relatively cheap. Generally speaking, a certain scale of business is more reliable, especially in terms of after-sales service. Always ask for a warranty and receipt when purchasing. In addition, the brand is also very important, because you buy in some small shops you are not familiar with the brand, later out of trouble is unable to repair. Handicrafts - Traditional crafts, good price Macau has many merchants selling handicrafts from Central and other parts of Asia. Both here and in other shops, you can find inexpensive handicrafts such as hand-made linen embroidery, wood carvings and hand-made Musical Instruments. The variety and price of the goods are complete, and the price depends on the quality of the products. Generally good quality, the price is more expensive, of course, there are different prices of goods for you to choose. Some merchants sell traditional handmade goods, such as Chinese tea sets, clothes and Musical Instruments, which are worth checking out, as well as unique decoration designs and plain stone egg pools. Porcelain and Fine pottery The porcelain industry in Macau has a considerable scale, but most of the work is located in the central region. Many wholesalers and retailers sell a wide variety of cutlery, vases and other goods at fairly cheap prices. Some workers will even order vases at customers' request, or print the family logo on the tableware, or order tableware according to the patterns provided by customers.