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Lugu Lake travel accommodation overview

2018-04-30 19:12:00

Located in the high mountains bordering Lang Yi Autonomous County, Lugu Lake is 2,685 meters above sea level with an average water depth of 40 meters. It is a horseshoe-shaped plateau freshwater lake with six islands, lush forests and a swarm of wild ducks. Around the lake, winding, towering trees, camellias, azaleas, trumpet flowers and many nameless mountain flowers, colorful. This is an attractive pearl on the southwest plateau of our country, the Mosuo called it "Chenami", meaning "mother lake", mother's lake. She is like a simple, quiet sleeping beauty, lying in the surrounding arms, and like the Creator hidden here a huge sapphire, a shining sky mirror. The circumference of the lake is about 50 kilometers, and on the north shore of the lake, there stands a beautiful "Gemu" mountain, which means female mountain. The Mosuo regarded her as a goddess incarnated. From the south remote far lake to look at the Gemu female mountain and like a head and lying lion, people also call it the lion mountain. Every mountain, every water, every grass and every tree here have been endowed with the myth of female image, and become our contemporary veritable "women's country".


Traffic situation: 1, section of the line —————— Lugu Lake -- : 20:00 by coach sleeper the next morning 7:10 to, 120 yuan/person in the morning by high-speed luxury bus about 8-9 hours to, 151 yuan/person plane 40 minutes to, 530 yuan/person -- : train (frequency: Daily 9:02|21:26|22:36|23:15| about 7 hours) -- High-speed and express luxury bus arrive about 3 hours, 50 yuan/person -- Ninglang -- Lugu Lake by long-distance bus to Ninglang County, 23 yuan/person, duration: 3.5 hours There are many cars to Lugu Lake at the long distance station of Ninglang County County. At 20 yuan/person, you can reach Daluo Village, Liguo Village and Township. Duration: 2 hours by Lugu Lake special train, 8:00-8:30 in the morning, 60 yuan/person, duration: 5-6 hours (booking in advance) by bus to Xichang; 7:10 am to distribute the car, buy a ticket to Lugu Lake town. Package taxi from direct to Lugu Lake, generally three days back and forth 500-600 yuan, 300 yuan one-way. Second, section of the line - Xichang - Lugu Lake town (also known as left) every day there are flights to Xichang, to Xichang ticket price of 460 yuan per ticket, 40 minutes. To Xichang, 10 hours by train, 40 yuan/person. 2010 to Xichang expressway will be opened to traffic, then to Xichang about 5 hours to arrive. Bus from Xichang to Lugu Lake 8:40, 9:20, arrive at Lugu Lake Town 15:00, 15:40; The fare is about 70 yuan, it takes about 6-8 hours, the whole journey is 265 kilometers, all of which are high-grade asphalt roads, and only a small part of the ground is gravel road. The scenery along the road is beautiful. In 2010, after the opening of the tunnel, Xichang to Lugu Lake about 5 hours to drive. There are daily flights to Lugu Lake. One-way tickets cost 570 yuan and group travelers 400 yuan per ticket. To, 16 hours by train, 70 yuan/person by car to Ninglang more than 280 kilometers, 58/ person, lasting: 7 hours Ninglang County long distance station there are many cars to Lugu Lake, 20 yuan/person, you can reach Daluo Village, Liguo village and township. Duration: 2 hours Aden - Lugu Lake Aden walking to Lugu Lake lasted 8 days, can be reached by car about 6 hours to.


Scenic spot tickets: Lugu Lake entrance fee of 78 yuan plus 3 yuan ecological environmental protection fee, home visit 10 yuan/person, bonfire party 15 yuan/person pig trough boat 30 yuan/person. Active duty soldiers, disabled people, seniors aged 60-70 and students, please purchase tickets with valid ID, 50% discount; 1.Children under 30 meters, active disabled soldiers, senior citizens over 70 years old, retired cadres with valid documents are free to buy tickets; If you want to take a boat from Lugu Lake to Lugu Lake, the boat fee is 80 yuan/person, from Lugu Lake to Lugu Lake, the boat fee is 120 yuan/person, and the boat tour island cost is 25 yuan/time.


Main attractions Introduction (1) Love Beach: Less than 1 km east of Dazui Village is the Love Beach full of Gesang flowers, where you can feel the most romantic mood. (2) Sunken pier: The east side of the Lovers Beach is the sunken pier, the Lion Rock on the pier is the most beautiful, it is best to see in the morning or evening; In the morning, clouds linger; The red light shone in the evening. (3) Zhaojiawan: Go about 3 kilometers to the east of the Cave Pier (there is a road sign - bird sense) and turn left six kilometers to arrive, here is our dream wonderland, very pure and you can even feel the stagnation of time, you can hear your own heartbeat, you can also do nothing to daze. It's also the best place to swim. (4) Caohai: 8 kilometers east of Dazui Village is the wetland Caohai of the Holy Lake. "Caohai" refers to the grassy plateau lake, which is very distinctive on this plateau of more than 2,000 meters above sea level. It is a sub-lake of Lugu Lake, and the water of Lugu Lake is connected with it. Whenever in spring and summer, the grass sea is green, so that people think that it is an endless grassland, only to see half the body of cattle and horses grazing in the grass, splashing in the water, or see the pig trough boat gently sliding in the grass, you will understand that it is a grass lake. Autumn or winter, the grass withered and yellow, gently fell on the lake, yellow, reflecting the blue sky on the plateau, let people love this golden grass sea more. Throughout the year, Caohai has its own characteristics. There are also famous walking marriage Bridge and Princess House, Princess Island, Lokuwa pier. If the weather is clear and calm, a strange sight can be seen on the lake opposite Princess Island, where the reflection of the mountain across the lake forms a living Bodhisattva statue. (5) Lion Mountain: 6 kilometers west of Dazui Village is the Goddess mountain of Gemu, also called Lion Mountain, take the cable car to the top can overlook the panorama of Lugu Lake and the mysterious goddess cave. (6) Yang Erche Nanam Mother's Home and Museum: 2 km west of the inn is the Lugu Lake and the image of the Mocha people spokesperson Yang Erche Nanam's home and named after her Mosuo Museum, which stores her and books and objects about the Mosuo people. (7) Rig Island: With its many elegant inns and distinctive bars, it is a perfect combination of fashion and antiquity. Seen from Lion Rock, Rig Island really looks like a pearl set in the holy lake. (8) : More than 30 kilometers away from Dazui Village, there is a place where Mosuo people bathe. In the past, every New Year, Mosuo men and women would bathe together here. It is said that this is holy water, and after washing, they will get sick and go away. (9) Zami Temple: the largest temple of Mosuo pilgrimage. The best point of photography is the village of Rigg to the first pass of Nisay, you can take back the panorama of the Rigg Peninsula, the famous lover tree of Nisay, the Bay of Nisay and Bird Island. Xiaoluo Water Village to Yang Erche Namam home in the pass of Yang Erche Namam Museum (not yet completed) near. Big fish outlet (Lugu Lake water source), Dazui village (mainly inhabited by Naxi people) Caohai, Caohai Bridge, Lowa Bay, Lowa Island (Princess Island), Loao Water village. Play strategy Falling water - Lig - small falling water village - Big mouth village - Left - Caohai Bridge - Shankua village - three villages - falling water falling water village to the village of Lig: falling water, walk along the lake is not difficult to find a path, even if there is no road. You have to climb a small dirt slope, and you end up basically walking on a road. There's no problem. A walk and a walk will pass. Not long after the 81 km sign, you turn over a small hill and can see the wooden houses on the Rigg Peninsula. Further down the road, a stone wall with signs about fire protection led to a service road to the village of Rigg. This road is a dirt road, vehicles can go through, bend along the road, at this time is the best point to see the Rigg.


Nisai Village to Xiaolui Village: Continue along the road, there is no road, 30 minutes away, to Xiaolui Village, on the way can be seen on the slope of the lake there are Mani piles. Always walk on the road, after two mountain beams you can see the small Loishui village farmland, into the village can take the road. Before on the website booked the Gesang Inn chain Lugu Lake room is directly past, I brought a gift after entering the door without polite words, directly placed on the small platform above the fire. The host usually lets you sit above the fire. Don't sit down. Back off. Try not to sit down. In this way, the hosts will be happy because you have respected their customs. The village has no electricity. Light candles. Small Loishui Village to Zu village: The villages along the lake shore are very close, if the first day to the small loishui village time is still early, you can continue to walk to the Zu village (also known as big mouth) accommodation. After leaving the small Loishui village, basically all walk on the road, one or two turns to reach the Zu village, the time is about 1 hour. On the way, you can see the Naxi Scripture Hall on the top of the hill by the side of the road. If you want to go up, you must continue to walk along the road. The Naxi Scripture Hall has existed for a very long time, and the present Scripture Hall was built five or six years ago.


Diet introduction: There are villages around Lugu Lake, and water and food can be supplied along the way, without carrying too much material. Dazui Village, Zuosuo, Luoshui, Lig Village have restaurants to eat, if you are used to eating, you can also go to the Mosuo family to eat around the fire, eat secret pork and drink Surima wine.


1. Rain gear: rain gear is necessary (the backpack is best to have a rain cover, both dust and rain), 2. Gastrointestinal medicine: It is inevitable to go out and run the stomach, and I encountered gastrointestinal problems. 3. Sunglasses, sunscreen: Highland areas, even in winter, where the sun is still very important. (I had no sun protection and had hoped to get just a tan, but now my skin is badly damaged, with sun spots and pain.) 4. Kettle: along the way can be filled with hot water, but also can be used as a brushing cup, the role is not small 5 camera: the role does not have to say, so as not to regret. 6. Flashlight or headlamp: useful for going to the bathroom at night. 7. Small amounts of high energy foods: chocolate, beef jerky, compressed cookies... Grind teeth on the way to add a strong force. 8. Communication supplies: Good signal along the way. 9. Headscarf: Some sections of gray, can be used to avoid dirty hair fast. It can also be used as a sweat wipe or mask, in short, it is very useful for MM. 10. Detailed village names: Loishui, Lige Village, Nisai Village, Xiaoluo Village, Dazu Village, Zuosuo, A Liu Village, Caohai Bridge, Nawa Village, Shankua Village, Lang Fang Village, Sanjia Village, Loishui Village. Shankua village needs to go through the village, turn around, need to ask the way.

Matters needing attention

The scenery of Lugu Lake scenic spot is beautiful, the scenic spots are scattered, the road conditions are relatively poor, the journey is difficult, we must have a good psychological quality and physical quality, and be prepared to bear hardships; The temperature difference between day and night in Lugu Lake is large, the temperature is low in the morning and evening, the weather changes obviously, and the ultraviolet light is strong. Please prepare enough cold-resistant clothes, rain gear, flashlight, sunglasses, sunscreen products, skin care products, lip balm oil and commonly used emergency medicines, such as: motion sickness, cold, burns, falls, diarrhea medicine, etc. Leave some time to maneuver, the real Lugu Lake is not one or two days you can understand; Lugu Lake water temperature is low, even in the summer lake, a long time of immersion is enough to freeze people. And the topography of the lake shore is complex, so tourists must not rush to swim, so as to avoid accidents; Riding should pay attention to safety, must be led by the groom to ride, can not ride alone, but can not ride running, dangerous roads and downhill must get off the horse on foot, otherwise it is easy to cause damage; Prepare some cash in advance and change it; Most of the buildings in Lugu Lake are made of wood, so we must pay attention to fire prevention. Protect the local ecological environment, do not litter; No hunting of wild animals; Respect local religious beliefs and folk customs, and do not measure local conditions with the mentality and standards of city people; Show respect for the local customs of walking marriage, do not arbitrarily walk marriage with local people


Do not say everything about sex in front of family members, especially the elderly; Do not walk in front of others when you are near a fire; Do not use the foot on the pot; Do not cross the fire or take off your shoes in front of the fire; Do not spit on the fire; Do not eat with your back to the fire; No talking under the threshold, no swearing. Special food and specialty products