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Lugu Lake tourist accommodation guide

2018-04-24 00:00:00

Lugu Lake lies in the west of China. The picturesque scenery, the ancient and unique traditions of the clan, the "Noah's Ark" in Christianity, and the temple of Lamaism are like a big pearl, which is so eye-catching. There are a total of 18 natural villages in Lugu Lake, some of which have reception capacity such as Daluo Village, Lig Village, Nisai Village, Lugu Lake Town, and mist branch. Visitors arriving from Lugu Lake on the same day can only stay in Daluo Village, Lig Village and Nisai Village.




1. Climate condition of Lugu Lake: The average temperature of Lugu Lake throughout the year is about 17 degrees, and the recent temperature can reach 15-25 degrees during the day, and about 10 degrees in the morning and evening. The body is better with a thin sweater and a coat. However, it should be noted that the weather on the plateau is changeable, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, sometimes cold and sometimes hot, because the direct sunlight is strong ultraviolet, please equip with sunglasses, sunscreen and umbrella. At present, Lugu Lake is in the season of low rain, even if it rains, it will not last long, so there is no need to worry about this. 2. Lugu Lake scenery: The four seasons of Lugu Lake scenery is not much different, it is the fruit trees (apple, pomegranate,) along the way flowering period, the scenery is good, although the drive is relatively long, but it will not feel boring; After entering May and June, the scenery of Lugu Lake section will be better, and you can enjoy the green grass sea of 10,000 mu and Lover's Bridge. Lugu Lake attractions: Lion Mountain (Gemu Mountain) Dala River Village view Taijiyi Cave Hewa Russian island (Snake Island) Liwubi Island Xiaolui Village Zhamisi Lige Island Basi soil governor Office A Xia Valley Lugu Lake 3. Tourist situation: From April to the beginning of the Lugu Lake tourists gradually increased, to May Day before and during the festival until June is estimated to reach a peak, and after the festival, will form a peak, it is difficult to say, because there are many tourists began to consciously avoid the holiday peak travel, but choose the date before and after the holiday to travel again.


4. Travel price: Lugu Lake one place train group price change little throughout the year, in the holidays and tourism golden week price rise floating at 20%-30%, double flight or single flight single bed Lugu Lake; Lugu Lake, Zhongdian; The price changes of Lugu Lake, Lugu Lake and Lugu Lake are relatively greater. Road: From direct to Lugu Lake, there are two buses every morning at 9∶00 and 10∶00, which takes about 6 hours, and the ticket price is 65 yuan (including 2 yuan insurance premium); The route is passenger station - Lugu Lake passenger station (Daluo Water Village). In addition, the parking lot has a special bus to Lugu Lake at 8:30 every day, first to the Luoshui, and then to the Lig. If you return from Lugu Lake, you need to book tickets to Lugu Lake Passenger Station (Daluo Water Village), there are two trains every morning, respectively 10:00 and 12:00. After going to Lugu Lake (Dala water Village), if you want to go to Lig, the surface is generally 10 yuan/person. There are many buses to Ninglang from the passenger station, and the slow pace is also reflected in the departure time. The earliest bus leaves at 7:30 in the morning, and the last one at 3:00 in the afternoon. There are 10 buses a day, and the fare is 25 yuan/person. The road conditions are not particularly good, and it takes four hours to drive the 125 km. After arriving at Ninglang County, many minibus and minibus drivers would come forward to "solicit passengers" and walk with them. Most of the models are small (can seat six or seven people), and there are also minibuses. The ticket price from Ninglang to Loishui, and Lig is 20 yuan/person, and the journey is about 80 kilometers and 2 hours by car. A trip to the surface of Lugu Lake is usually only to Daluo Village. After arriving here, you can start your journey to Lugu Lake.


5. Tickets and boat tickets: Lugu Lake tickets for 41 yuan/person, active soldiers, disabled, 60-70 years old and students, please purchase tickets with valid identification, there is a 50% discount. Children under 30 meters, active disabled soldiers, seniors over 70 years old and retired cadres are free to buy tickets with valid documents. If you want to take a boat from Lugu Lake to Lugu Lake, the boat fee is 80 yuan/person, from Lugu Lake to Lugu Lake, the boat fee is 120 yuan/person, and the boat tour island cost is 25 yuan/time. 6. Accommodation: Visitors can also choose to stay by the picturesque Lugu Lake. Lugu Lake Loishui village and Lig village, there are many private travel conditions are also good, most of the inn has a toilet and shower place. Gesang Inn chain Lugu Lake and so on. The villages around Lugu Lake have many family inns with similar prices and conditions. In the Lugu Lake accommodation, generally enter the big water, and then choose where to live. Tourists usually choose to stay at Tai Lok Shui or Rig Village. Loishui Village and Lig Village are built on the lake, the scenery is excellent. Due to the pollution problems, the village was moved back 50 meters after 2007, and the original inns were rebuilt, giving tourists the option to stay in Ninglang County. Ninglang County has some nice guesthouses. The small Guesthouses and the Lugu Lake Guesthouses are the only two star hotels and are crowded with guests during peak season.


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