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LOL's Scarlet Reaper - Vampire

2018-03-02 04:48:00

The vampire is a relatively unpopular hero in LOL, but in fact, the vampire is actually very strong, today I will recommend to you the vampire this hero play and dress


Computer LOL


First of all, here we mainly introduce the vampire four skills, passive skills, W skills, E skills, R skills. The higher the passive vampire's mana, the higher the life, and the higher the health, the higher the mana. It is complementary, but note that it is not superimposed. W skill, this is a key vampire survival and retention skill, W skill can make enemies can not select you and within the scope of the W skill unit is slowed down, but before the release of the W skill locked by the enemy hero's skill can still be damaged by the other side. The E skill, not to mention the others, but the passivity of the E skill can be stacked up to four layers, and each additional layer of vampire's other skills will cause more damage to the enemy, but the higher the number of layers, the more health the skill will consume. The R skill does no damage when it is recruited by the vampire, and it takes a while to detonate and cause damage, during which time the other vampire skills have been damaged by the enemy in the big.


Skills said here to talk about the vampire out of the suit, the vampire can be out of the full flesh suit, because the vampire's blood can be converted into spell strength, so even if the vampire out of the full flesh is also harmful.


Attack suit, hat, ice staff, minting CD shoes, gold body, bloodsucking book, and a magic wand or a big mask will do.


Full flesh suit, reduced CD shoes, Fanatic, Langton, big mask, ice staff, and a rousing armor, really can't be beaten, you hurt high!


After that, in the line, the vampire is really not strong in the early stage of the line, because the vampire depends on the skill output, so it is very good to encounter that type of consumption of heroes, but if you encounter the outbreak of heroes it is easy to die, so in the line, encounter the consumption flow without looking back to fight consumption, but encounter the outbreak of flow can only be terrible development.


The above is my understanding of the Scarlet Reaper - vampire this hero, I hope to help the majority of LOL players.