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Like a boy, how to actively pursue it?

2018-04-07 06:24:59

Like a boy, how to actively pursue it? This problem makes many girls are at a loss, the following Xiaobian to teach you.


If we like a boy, we want to pursue, in fact, there is no need to beat around the bush, directly to express their love, this is the most direct and fastest way, and the success rate is relatively high, because women chase men really just a layer of yarn.


Like a boy, we should take the initiative to attack, you can ask him to go out to play, when playing, we can directly express love to it, in fact, it is much simpler than imagined, we can first test each other, ask each other how they feel, if the other answer is good, we can take the opportunity to say that they like each other.


If we like a boy, we can also choose to find a place where no one is, so that we can remember to express our thoughts, so that we can avoid embarrassment, it is relatively easy, and the general boys will give a clear answer after listening to it, because no one is present, often they will not feel embarrassed.


If we like a boy, we can also choose to let our friends convey their own meaning, and when friends give us a clear message, we can take the initiative to attack, the success rate is also very high, we must find a trusted friend to convey.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Finally, like a boy, we had better set their own positioning, do not half-joking without confession, so easy to let the other party feel that you are not sincere, often the probability of failure is very high, this is the need to remind the girls, otherwise it can be very embarrassing.