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Leisure 2-day tour guide

2018-04-30 14:24:00

Two day tour around the area


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Attractions 1: Hankou Beach to travel, not to visit Hankou Beach, seems to be an incredible thing. Hankou River Beach Square is the largest square in the world, and the adjacent Hankou River Beach, the Yangtze River Bridge, Guishan TV Tower, together with each other, the night view is particularly charming. Among the water features of the three towns, the river Beach is the most beautiful scenery of this shore. Is should be a poet to the beauty of the river beach praise "two rivers, four banks, eight forest belt, fire trees and silver flowers never night." Whether in the past, present or future, the river beach records people's history and concentrates people's lives. Prospered by the Yangtze River, it was slowly developed from a water "pier" into today's special city in central China. If the Yangtze River gives characteristics, then in a sense, the river beach is the portrayal of human character and soul. During the day, the trees are lined here. People walking, exercising and playing chess can be seen everywhere. Kites are flying in the sky. At night, the lights shine brightly here. Walk along the river, Yellow Crane Tower, Qingchuan Pavilion, "Asian mast" Guishan TV Tower and other iconic buildings can be seen. People can stop and play by the musical fountain, watch various group performances for free, and have a drink in the distinctive bar street by the river. This is only normal times, when it is a major festival day, a dazzling, one after another fireworks bank shot into the long sky, the sky and the sky are scattered like flowers in the night, and painted on the vast Yangtze River to create an equally brilliant reflection. Being in it, the joy and pride of people are even more difficult to describe. Opening hours: All day


Scenic spot 2: Liangliangzhai Scenic Spot is located in the northwest of CAI Street and is one of the eight scenic spots in China. National AAAA level scenic spot. 85 kilometers away from Xincheng District, 62 kilometers away from the city (Qianchuan), the average altitude of more than 600 meters, the total area of the scenic area of more than 6000 mu, the annual average temperature is lower than the Xincheng District 4-6 degrees; The mountain is tall and steep, rich in vegetation and peaks. Cool Village ten miles of Chinese cherry blossoms, red mountains, rapeseed, camellia flower fragrance, launched the climbing water waterfall, ancient charcoal kiln, water Avalokitesvara, waterfall and other tourist attractions, join the colorful blessing, tea picking and other activities. Qingliangzhai late autumn, triangle maple and other autumn red leaf tree species area of more than 3,000 mu, forming a gorgeous autumn red leaf landscape. There are more than 50,000 ginkgo trees in the two alpine natural villages of Liujiashan and Dingjiashan in the scenic spot, of which nearly 100 ancient ginkgo trees are more than 100 years old, which is the largest mountain ancient ginkgo group in the city. Road tour route: Urban area - Zhuye Mountain - Daihuang Expressway - Urban area - Yao Ji (left) - Scenic area (there are directions along the way). Food: three fresh, six fingers lotus seeds, steamed meat, oil noodles, shrimp fermented, Ciba fish, glutinous rice balls, fried lotus root clip, meat cake, Yin rice, Wuhu whitebait, bean silk, had set, soft water meat, Qian Ji west cake and so on. Early culture: paste soup powder fried dough sticks, bean skin, hot dry noodles, baked cake, roasted plum, happy Tuo, cake, pot paste dumplings, egg nog, cake, pot porridge, bean curd, beef fried bean shreds, Ma yuan and so on. Three specialties: three fresh, beans, glutinous rice cake. The three fresh food, also called "three He", is a traditional urban folk cuisine that has been passed down for hundreds of years. Three fresh food is fish ball, meatball, meat cake three dishes collectively. Because the three dishes have fish, pills, cake three words, fish and Yu homophony, pills in the word for round, cake and high homonym, people will give three fresh with more than every year, family reunion, step by step.


Attraction 3: Repulse Bay Eco-Resort "Visit eight views, live in Repulse Bay", Repulse Bay Eco-Resort has a superior geographical location, is located in the fire tower line known as "golden tourism channel", backed by the tourism core of the mountain, close to the national first-class water quality (can be directly drinkable) lake, only 3KM away from the famous Shengtian Farm scenic spot, only 10 kilometers away from the grassland known as eight views and Tianchi. It is only 20 kilometers away from scenic spots such as Qingliangzhai and Jinligou, only 30 minutes' drive from the airport, and less than 1 hour's drive from the city and Hankou Railway Station. The whole wine covers an area of more than 30 acres, the green rate is as high as 80%, the air quality is excellent throughout the year, it is a natural oxygen bar, the climate is pleasant, the average temperature in summer is more than 5 degrees lower than the urban area, so it is also a good summer resort. Here, you can walk between the forest paths, wander in the beautiful lake color, breathe the air from the lake mixed with water vapor, enjoy the good time of the holiday; Or you can incarnate a fisherman, fishing, will themselves and this beautiful natural scenery into one, the breeze does not need to return, feeling the little bit of life, thoughts of the past sweet and sour, the excellent water quality of the lake gives the fish the best taste, the fish fell out of the wine health restaurant chef after processing presented at the dinner table, eating up to ensure that there is a different taste.

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