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Legend of the Phantom, how to upgrade fast

2018-03-17 19:12:00

Now many page Tours are small differences, some even just change the shape, the various systems inside are actually similar. Among them, Phantom Legend and Flame are two games with high similarity, the early stage is better to upgrade, the later stage is slightly slow, some players are attached to the main task, but they do not know that there are high experience tasks outside the main line. Let me introduce you to a highly experienced and does not require any operation of the task.


Step one, after level 61 enter the City, find the Exorcist Cliff Messenger, click on him to talk.


The second step, you can see the words "Experience" Exorcism cliff, click it, and then click "Confirm entry", you can enter twice a day.


The third step, after entering, you can see the "Start brushing" button on the right, don't hurry to click it, and then look up to see the "Place" button, which has a "ream" word sign marked with a number. We need to walk along the route marked with the red arrow on the upper left to see the length of the route, so that we have a good idea of the layout of the plate.


Step 4, start to place the "ring" plate, click the route character to run there, click the "Place" button, and then go to the next place, repeat this operation, you can see that there is an archer in the place that was placed before.


Step 5, when the "Ling" cards are placed, click on the left [start brushing] you can see that the leftmost will continue to appear, this is the archers placed will attack, each clear a strange will have experience.


Step 6, after the end of the brush, you can see the gained experience on the left, and the button to claim the experience, click on the claim on the line, if the time has passed the automatic exit copy can click on the exorcism cliff messenger to collect the experience.

Matters needing attention

When placing archers according to the number of "reams" to distribute, first evenly distributed, distributed if there are still more, and then add several positions.


You don't want to start the spawning right off the bat, start with the archers, finish with the spawning.