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Lake one day tour guide

2018-03-20 08:00:00

Lake is the first saltwater lake in China, meaning "blue sea" in Tibetan. A hundred kilometers west of the city. In July and August, the weather is warm and the rapeseed flowers are very beautiful. This experience introduces the tour around the lake.




Due to the main scenic spots on the tour path, it is recommended to travel around the lake to the south through Riyue Mountain, Daotang River, Daotang 151 base and Heima River. Then back up, from the east side of the lake to the north. Return via prefecture (via Sand Island, Atomic City).


Sun and Moon Mountain here is located on the boundary between the Loess Plateau and the Tibetan Plateau, it is said that this is the place where Princess Wenzheng leaves the customs, there are two pavilions of sun and moon. The mountains are covered with wind horses (flags with scripture written on them are tied to ropes). There are Princess Temple, Tara hieroglyphics about five meters high, ancient Road Museum and so on. And the statue of the princess.


Daotang River is the smallest one in the lake system. While general rivers flow from west to east, it empies into the lake from east to west, hence its name.


The Black Horse River is the best place to watch the sunrise because it is on the west side of the lake. Along the Heima River, you can also see Huang fish swimming upstream.


There is a large area of desert on the east side of Shaidao Lake, which has another scene. At the end of the dunes is a blue lake.


Atomic City is located in Xian, China's first nuclear weapons development site, now abandoned. The memorial Hall displays a large number of precious historical materials on the development of nuclear weapons, showing the process of China's independent development of nuclear weapons despite numerous difficulties in the situation of poverty.


Rapeseed flowers in July and August, it is the season of rapeseed flowers, the yellow sea of rapeseed flowers along the way, and the blue lake, complement each other.


Along the way, in addition to the lake and the sea of flowers, from the highway to the road, it is another scene, green trees,


Lake This is the first saltwater lake in our country, because many places near the lake are private territory of Tibetans, many rapeseed fields also belong to it, need to pay money to enter the lake. Tourism development of Erlang sword (151 base) is a 5A scenic spot, the ticket price is more expensive. You can choose according to your needs.

Matters needing attention

Daotang River scenic spot, the entrance fee is not worth much.


Lake sunshine is strong, pay attention to sun protection.