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Kung Fu Panda mobile game computer version guide

2018-03-17 11:12:00

Kung Fu Panda mobile game adopts infinite dodge operation mode, the player in the battle while rolling to determine the current time node can safely output the environment and duration, through the best Angle of rolling, in the BOSS skill release or hard straight time to attack, you can make the original escape action instant into offensive action. This infinite dodging operation mode will bring a subversive idea in the design of action mobile games and provide players with greater operational fun. Kung Fu Panda mobile game how to play on the computer? Here is a simple description of how to play Kung Fu Panda on the computer.


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After the Android simulator is installed, open the mobile game tribe, enter the "Games" page, click "Game boutique" to see the most popular games, the page does not have Kung Fu Panda, if the game boutique page does not have Kung Fu Panda, click "search" to search for the game to install, click "install" to download and install:


After the above operations, if you find that the search page still does not have Kung Fu Panda, then we go to the web page to download Kung Fu Panda apk file, and then click Add local game, add mobile game tribe:


After the installation is complete, click the Kung Fu Panda icon to enter the game!